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One Piece Film: Red, in streaming solo su Prime Video

The anime One Piece Film: Red available exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video platform. Film directed by Goro Taniguchi, inspired by the successful manga created by Eiichiro Oda; here are all the details on the plot and how to see it

After the great reception received during the last edition of Lucca Comics & Games; One Piece Film: Red officially lands on the P platformrime Video. Inspired by the successful pirate manga created by Eiichiro Oda; the film is directed by Goro Taniguchi.

Immediately welcomed with great enthusiasm by the most loyal fans of the manga and the series; the film is produced by TOEI Animation, and represents a three-year work. A meticulous realization in the smallest details and passages, moving hand in hand with the evolution of the narrative world present in the manga. As stated by the manufacturers themselves:

It takes about three years to complete an anime feature film and obviously everything that is updated in the world created by master Oda enriches and updates the film at the same time, which follows the directives and innovations he inserted. In this case, even with the already advanced realization of the film, new elements have been introduced in the manga, so we made sure that those were also included and we hope this is one more reason to appreciate it

Let’s find out below the plot of this new exciting adventure.

One Piece Movie: Red, everything we know

In the feature film, One Piece Film: Red directed by Goro Taniguchi; the story takes shape around the events of Uta, young singer most loved singer in the world. Defined as having an otherworldly voice; Uta hides a huge secret: behind her mysterious identity, she hides Shanks’ secret daughter.

decide the reveal its true nature; on the occasion of one of his live concerts, all his admirers arrive on the island of Elegia: bands of pirates, members of the Navy and even the Straw Hat crew. At the beginning of the concert, however, the audience understands that in reality the voice of Uta has the dangerous power to change the world. Luffy and Shanks will thus begin a tough battle for freedom.

The film is available for viewing on the Amazon Prime video platform.

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