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Kobold: spring cleaning and “Cleaning Therapy”

Spring cleaning brings order to our homes and our heads: the word of Cleaning Therapy! Spring is coming, for house cleaning let’s rely on Kobold experts

With the arrival of summer, it snaps the “spring cleaning” operation and cleaning, of this spring that is about to arrive, takes on an even more important meaning because it takes us towards a season that seems to open the doors to a newfound normality.

Cleaning, tidying up, sanitizing in depth the house and everything that inhabits it, from sofas to mattresses, from curtains to carpets, through glass, shutters and floors, brings indisputable benefits, helps to clarify even thoughtswhile procrastinating and letting go of disorder can steal precious mental energy, preventing us from serenely carrying out other activities.

Experts call it Cleaning Therapy: dedicating ourselves to household chores allows us to tidy up and free ourselves from what disturbs us, not only on a physical level, but, above all, on a psychological level. Cleaning Therapy starts from the concept that, from an anthropological point of view, it exists a deep correlation between space and body: the house is in effect the space in which our body lives. It follows that the non-cleaning of the space that surrounds us is seen as a symptom of disorder as it brings confusion and contamination and never, as in the last two years, have we felt a strong desire to live in clean spaces which, in addition to giving us a sense of well-being, helped to make us feel safe. Cleaning the house also takes on the symbolic meaning of getting rid of emotional loads.

Kobold: spring cleaning and "Cleaning Therapy"

And just this year, this symbolic value could be even more significant because house cleaning would result in a cleaning of thoughts related to the period of the pandemic. Clutter causes stress and agitationon the contrary, order and cleanliness transmit peace, serenity and increase self-esteem. Household chores can offer us important benefits and turn into a stress-relieving exercise, as well as being a good workout for our physique.

However, it is equally undeniable that cleaning is tired and the commitment will be less tiring if we rely on an ally able to guarantee thorough hygiene with minimal effort, such as the Kobold VK 220 S cleaning system, compact, handy, powerful and TÜV NORD certified, suitable for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, the availability of a complete set of luminaires that can be connected to the VK220 S makes it effective and versatile for all surfaces in the home with excellent results.

Kobold: spring cleaning and "Cleaning Therapy"

The elf vademecum for spring cleaning

To prepare for this demanding job it is essential to establish a correct sequence of actions. To optimize time and energy, avoiding unnecessary repetitions and moments of stress. Everyone can develop their own personal program respecting some important indications:

  • First of all, decluttering. Tidy up and dispose of the unused. Freeing the rooms from the superfluous makes cleaning work easier and saves time. As the Japanese Konmari method states “to tidy up the house and life”, getting rid of things that are no longer used improves self-confidence and ‘frees’ us from the past.
  • Establish priorities and timelines. Approaching domestic cleaning systematically allows you to dose time and energy and take care first of the less welcome or more demanding jobs, can further facilitate the work.
  • Proceed one room at a time. This will make it easier to complete the cleaning and satisfaction with the result will encourage us to continue. For someone it might be useful instead to act for a single activity, for example washing all the curtains or windows or cleaning all the carpets.
  • Starting “from top to bottom” is the general rule. It starts from the ceiling, removing the cobwebs, cleaning the top of furniture and cabinets. Then you go down, towards light points and chandeliers, windows and shutters or shutters, glass and curtains, shelves and furniture, doors and radiators, sofas and armchairs, beds, carpets and, lastly, floors. The reasons: the dust particles raised during cleaning take some time to settle on the ground: therefore cleaning the floors too soon could be a job that needs to be repeated several times.
  • Equip yourself with the right tools. There are many techniques used during spring cleaning: remove dust, deeply vacuum mattresses and carpets, wash surfaces and objects, glass and floors. For each of these activities Vorwerk Kobold has the right solution.
  • Kobold: spring cleaning and "Cleaning Therapy"

    A hygiene expert: Kobold VK220 S

    Vorwerk Kobold VK220 S is a true multifunction system for dust, wash, vacuum and sanitizewhich combines proverbial quality with latest generation technology:

  • VK220 S ha an ergonomic handle, adjustable in height; the engine generates a suction capacity of 40 l / s.
  • The dust collection bag – the Premium Filter – is a real filter system, which retains 99.99% of impurities present in the vacuumed dust, i.e. pollen, mites, molds and other allergenic substances that inhabit the house.
  • Thanks to the flexible joint, you can effortlessly pass under furniture, along the walls, in the corners of any room and, with the Start & Stop functioneven a small coffee break is not a problem: just move the appliance to the vertical position to temporarily stop the suction which will resume by putting the Kobold back in the operating position.
  • No stress even for the replacement of the dust bag, a real air filter: the LED display on the handle indicates when it is time to change, simply by opening the lid, removing the old one and inserting the new bag.
  • A complete system for all needs

    Remove the dust

    The multifunctional electric brush EB420 S it is equipped with technology to automatically recognize surfaces, adapting the operating power. Through an ultrasonic sensor, it adapts independently to different floors: on carpets the brush rotates up to 2,500 rpm, removing the most stubborn dirt; on hard floors it automatically adjusts to an optimal rotation of 800 rpm, taking 0.7 seconds to change its setting and indicating on the LED display which mode it is working in.

    To wash floors

    The Pulilava SP600 S is a complete cleaning system for hard floors, such as parquet, laminates, stones and tiles, which sanitizes in half the time, vacuuming and washing in a single step. The Pulilava combines the action of specific detergents with the rubbing of the microfibre cloth which, moving at 1,350 revolutions per minute, removes dirt, grease and bacteria nested in the pores and joints of the floors. The deep but delicate action of suction and washing of Pulilava improves the original aesthetics of the treated surface, emphasizing the finishes.

    Kobold: spring cleaning and "Cleaning Therapy"

    Clean the carpets

    The Kobold VF200 S carpet cleaner ensures an accurate and fast result. In three simple steps it removes stubborn carpet dirt in depth: distribute the Kobosan Active cleaning powder on the carpet in a parallel line movement – the carpet cleaner automatically dispenses the right amount of product necessary for cleaning – leave to act for about 30 minutes – the detergent will capture mites, bacteria and molds present in the carpet fibers – vacuum with the EB420 S multifunction brush – carpets will be as new, sanitized, perfumed and, above all, deeply clean.

    Clean armchairs, sofas and, in particular, mattresses

    The brush PB440 S it is specifically designed for sofas, armchairs, cushions, upholstery in general, and mattresses. It acts delicately on the most refined fabrics: the rotating elements of the brush create vibrations that make the dirt emerge from the fibers immediately removed with the suction action, adjustable by means of a lever, to concentrate the flow on the tip of the brush, and act effectively in the corners and in the more difficult folds. If the brush is combined with the specific set for cleaning mattresses, the Kobold MP100 mattress washer and Kobold MR100 mattress beaterand with the Lavenia powder detergent the result will be truly excellent: a deep cleaning and sanitization and the in-depth removal of mites, spores and bacteria that, night after night, settle on the mattress.

    Wash the windows

    Even for one of the least popular household chores, such as cleaning windows, Kobold offers a simple solution with guaranteed results. The VG100 window cleaner, rechargeable, cleans all glass and mirror surfaces in the house: in a single pass it washes the windows, sucking up the veil of water and removing the dirt, thus leaving the surface perfectly clean and without streaks. The Kobold window cleaner is easy to handle, weighs only 1 kgeasy to use with the effective machine washable microfiber cloth.

    Kobold: spring cleaning and "Cleaning Therapy"

    Spring cleaning is welcome, making our home even more welcoming and safe and good for your health. Regular domestic activity, let us remember, it has “side” effects related to health: eliminating contaminating particles and allergens from our home helps the immune system.

    Also, vacuuming, and cleaning in general, increases heart rate and is a daily workout that keeps us dynamic. Finally, living in a tidy and fresh house is good for our mood and increases our self-esteem! That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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