Koelliker and Pininfarina: partners for a new customer experience

Koelliker e Pininfarina: i leader di mobilità e design insieme per un nuovo futuro thumbnail

Pininfarina, icon of Italian design in the world, becomes the protagonist and strategic partner of the project to renew the Koelliker customer experience which will see the realization during 2023. A design project that offers new sustainable mobilityin line with the path of change and innovation of the Koelliker Group, also expressed by the new corporate payoff: Design your way.

The Koelliker Group and the new corporate strategy

Design is in fact a key term for Koelliker, around which the Milanese distributor has defined its new strategy and way of experiencing the customer, who is increasingly placed at the center of every choice. The Group began its growth and change journey in 2021, a date that saw the arrival of Marco Saltalamacchia as CEO & Executive Vice President, thus marking the first step in the implementation of the new corporate strategy, and of a renewal that starts from ‘indoor. In fact, the first line of the company is completely new, with managers with strong automotive experience at the top of each department, capable of transferring their know-how to increase the value of the Group. Koelliker’s goal is to become a hub of sustainable mobility and a point of reference for customers – private and business – to whom the Group wants to offer a wide range of solutions, in an increasingly innovative and engaging way.

Pininfarina: icon of Italian design in the world

And if on the one hand the internal renewal starts from the people, on the other it is always the people it wants
arrive, immersing them in an environment in which the Group’s values ​​are visible. When it comes to
design and style descended from the automotive field, one can only speak above all of one name: Pininfarina. Icon of Italian design in the world, as well as having contributed to writing the history of the industry
global automotive industry, Pininfarina has also been involved in customer design for some time
exclusive experiences that combine the physical and digital worlds through aesthetics and
technology. This partnership marks a decisive step in innovation and evolution for Koelliker
of the group.

Koelliker and Pininfarina: the project

Marco Saltalamacchia, CEO & Executive Vice President of the Koelliker Group

Koelliker Saltalamacchia def

Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of Pininfarina

The new design project is based on well-defined time milestones, in an in-depth study that
Pininfarina will be in direct contact with Koelliker, with its employees and their daily lives. All this will give life to a new customer experience, in line with the Group’s strategy and in support of future projects.

“Koelliker is a company that is implementing a 360-degree revolution. We started from the inside, with the
renewal of the teams, which are now managed by managers with strong experience in the automotive or related sectors” declared Marco Saltalamacchia, CEO & Executive Vice President of the Koelliker Group.
“An evolution and innovation involving new sales, marketing and communication strategies and long-term objectives, which need partners of absolute excellence to achieve full realization. For the whole part relating to design, we had no doubts: Pininfarina was the first reality we thought of, and it will follow us in this project of growth and enhancement of the brand. We can’t wait to show the fruits of the project, and to discover the new Koelliker”.
“Koelliker’s choice to entrust us with the design of the new customer experience is a source of pride for us“
says Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of the Group. “In addition to the knowledge of the automotive world and its
dynamics – for more than ninety years – we will put all our cross-sector skills into play
from automotive, to experience design to architecture, to innovate and enhance the Koelliker brand
creating spaces capable of satisfying the needs of our Partner’s customers in the best possible way”.
The first results of the project will be visible within the first half of 2023.

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