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Nissan spare parts Italy: new technological and sustainable warehouse

The new Nissan Italia warehouse was inaugurated on Monday, January 26, 2023 at the Italian headquarters of the Japanese company, in the municipality of Capena in the province of Rome. A state-of-the-art plant of over 10,000 m2 who will manage Nissan and Renault spare parts and accessories throughout the national territory. In the past, the Nissan Italia warehouse was the most productive warehouse in Europe 5 times, but with these changes it is ready to reach new efficiency and quality records.

Nissan Parts Warehouse A

The new facility

The structure is spread over one area of ​​10,500 m2 and was built in record time (less than 12 months) and without expanding the external space, as it stands in the same area occupied by the previous warehouse destroyed by fire in September 2018.

The rationalization of spaces it has increased the work area by 10% and the modern shelving system has made it possible to review the internal flows, to make operations faster and more effective. THE handling times are reduced by up to 50% to the full advantage of delivery times to the end customer. Me too’office area has been expanded, with 46 workstations and 2 meeting rooms out of a total of 1,600 m2 in warehouse area.

Nissan Italy spare parts: a sustainable warehouse

In line with the vision Nissan Ambition 2030sustainability objectives have played an important role in the design and construction process of the warehouse, which has achieved excellent standards energy saving. The plant is at the forefront in terms of construction techniques, safety standards, efficiency and sustainability.

The roof houses a 230 kW photovoltaic system of electrical power, capable of covering about a quarter of the company’s energy needs. The new led lighting system has allowed an improvement in the brightness of the environment, at the same time reducing energy consumption by 60% compared to traditional fluorescent lamp systems. Moreover, seven latest generation heat pumps they regulate the internal temperature to an optimal level at any time of the year, allowing for savings of more than 40% compared to a gas system, keeping the temperature stable thanks to the excellent thermal insulation of the walls and roof.

Safety and environmental protection are priorities for Nissan and for the preparation of the foundation the Jet Grouting technique was adopted which, by injecting a high-pressure cement mixture into the ground, makes it possible to obtain a high and uniform bearing capacity of the ground. Furthermore, the walls are made of TX Active concrete, with photocatalytic properties. Radiated by sunlight, they oxidize the toxic substances deposited on buildings (PM10, nitrogen oxides and dioxides, benzene, carbon monoxide) and transform them into non-toxic compounds.

Nissan parts warehouse 3

Nissan parts warehouse 5

Nissan parts warehouse 6

Nissan Italia spare parts: the ribbon cutting

“Nissan Italy’s parts warehouse has long been the cornerstone of our operations in the country. With a new layout and more efficient processes, I am thrilled that the warehouse continues to improve the quality of service offered to customers and be a point of reference of excellence in the sector for the distribution of spare parts and accessories” these are the words of Leon Dorssers, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, on the occasion of the ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday which saw the participation of Marco Toro, President and CEO of Nissan Italy and the highest officials of the Region: François Bailly, Senior Vice President, Chief Planning Officer; Jordi Vila, Divisional Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Stephane Lamari, Vice President After Sales and Katherine Zachary, Vice President Communications.

This is Marco Toro’s comment: “I am particularly proud of having created, together with the local team, the Region and the builders, a highly sustainable and efficient work that significantly improves the quality of service to our customers, thanks to the reduction in delivery times . Furthermore, the quality of our staff’s work also improves due to the expansion of internal spaces and more fluid processes”.

Nissan parts warehouse 2

Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania)

As mentioned above, sustainability is at the heart of Nissan’s long-term vision, Ambition 2030. Responding to environmental, social and customer needs, this strategy aims to deliver electrified models and technological innovation in key markets globally, enhancing mobility and beyond. Ambition 2030 contributes to Nissan’s goal of being carbon neutral across its operations and product lifecycle by 2050. The Nissan AMIEO region, with EV36Zero at its core, is poised to accelerate towards full electrification.


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