Kojima Productions: Sony acquisition denied, Xbox one in the air

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Continuously disputed between Sony and Xbox, Hideo has the idea of ​​denying the acquisition: Kojima Productions will still remain an independent studio

The tiritera of Kojima Productions and the alleged acquisition at the hands of Sony o Xbox has been going on for a year now. In the case of Microsoft consoles, this would be an exclusive conceived as a purely cloud title. Last July the journalist and insider Jeff Grubb he spoke of an almost complete agreement. However, there have been no official announcements on the matter. Not that this has stopped Grubb in any way, who in the last episode of his GrubbSnax spoke of an ongoing deal “at least two weeks ago.” Not to mention the game designer’s latest tweet…

Neither Xbox nor Sony: Kojima Productions does not foresee any acquisition

Stamattina, Hideo Kojima ha voluto confuse the waters a little tweeting an image containing the various IPs of Sony: later, without any implication for Xbox, the game designer denied the rumors about the acquisition of his studio Productions. Regarding them, Jeff Grubb simply shrugged. According to him, exclusivity deals do not involve any kind of takeover. In other words, the denial of a rumor of astronomical significance has not completely silenced the rumors about a “simple” exclusive. On the contrary, we rather expect to hear about it for a long time to come.

Previous rumors about Kojima’s project for Microsoft concerned a title linked to an existing IP in the schedule of emerald-colored consoles. Furthermore, the Jade Titan recently founded a studio entirely related to the cloud. The aim is the high-sounding one of “uniting expert teams in videogame development to give life to titles on the cloud and, with them, unprecedented experiences for players”. As always, when it comes to rumor, we invite you to take everything related to this complex situation with a grain of salt. If Abandoned has taught us anything, it is that patience and caution go hand in hand.

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