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Konami: big shot at the Tokyo Game Show 2022?

As we all know the Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be held shortly and it seems that Konami could drop an ace not just at the event

The Gamescom it ended very recently and it is still fresh, we have already talked about it here, but it is not yet the time to say “pause”. In fact, the September 16will be held i Tokyo Game Show 2022 and among the protagonists of the event there will also be the Konami which seems to be boiling something in the pot. But let’s go ahead with some order!

Tokyo Game Show 2022: what will Konami’s moves be?

Konami recently announced that, on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show 2022will seize the ball for announce a new title of “a series loved around the world” and the same opinion also seems to be the Japanese voice actor Yuki Kaji, already heard in several anime and video games, who will “represent” the fans of this series.

Obviously, in recent months there has been a lot of talk about what would be the next moves of the Japanese videogame giant and, among the more feasible options, there seem to be new chapters of Silent Hill, one of Castlevania and even a remake of the first three chapters of Metal Gear Solid (we have already talked about the latter in more detail here).

Konami: big shot at the Tokyo Game Show 2022?

As for the announcements strictly related to the event it seems that it is much more likely that news regarding the adventures of the legendary will be announced Snake & Soci, but you never know. For the remaining stock it seems that it will be necessary wait for the end of the year.

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