Konami: excellent sales and profit figures for Q1 of 2021

Konami’s sales and earnings figures for the first quarter of Konami’s fiscal year have been released, and while it may be thought that the company has produced very little in recent months, the results are excellent.

The i Konami’s financial reports for the first quarter of the current fiscal year. Thanks to this data, we can then get an idea of ​​Konami’s sales activities, and their main sources of profits. Often in fact, due to the fact that in recent years the company has produced a very small number of video games, we tend to think that Konami is far from its past glory. Well, these results partially belie these rumors, because, as we will see starting from the next paragraph with the sales and profits data, Q1 of 2021 went very well for Konami.

Konami’s sales and profit figures in detail

The Tokyo giant recorded, for the Q1 of 2021, 68 636 million yen in sales, for a good 20 278 million yen in profits. Speaking in percentage terms, we can say by looking at the data that Konami recorded a 29.2% increase in profits related to annual sales, with a whopping 64.2% growth in profits compared to the last half year. The reason for these very high numbers is soon said: we can in fact see how at the top of these numbers are the offers for mobile devices and the card game Yu-Gi-Oh!, Which are therefore the main sources of income.

Konami: excellent sales and profit figures for Q1 of 2021

Although Konami’s videogame productions are not very many, we still remember that the free-to-play evolution of PES was recently presented, which responds to the name of eFootball PES (you can find our review here), and which promises to revolutionize the sales model of football games (and perhaps also of sports games in general), hitherto based on the annual release of new games, often too similar to each other.

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