La Ligne – The invisible line: the trailer of the film by Ursula Meier

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Let’s find out the official trailer of the new film by Ursula Meier, La Ligne – The invisible line, to be released at the cinema on January 19, 2023

“A compelling story of family disharmony that excels both visually and thematically” thus Deadline describes the new film La Ligne – The invisible lineWhat will be available in cinemas from January 19th. Here are some more news about the plot and the official trailer.

The plot and the cast

Thirty-five-year-old Margaret carries the weight of many violences she has suffered on her shoulders, which her fragility still does not allow her to tell. After a violent argument with her mother Christina, her former pianist, she decides to report her. The judge issues a restraining order for the girl: until the trial, she will not be able to approach the woman or stay within 100 meters of her family home. But Margaret doesn’t like it and convinced that she wants to be with her family, she goes every day to the border. A border that becomes unbearable suffering for her, which keeps her away from her dearest loved ones. If Margaret struggles to express her thoughts and emotions with her words, then her music will help her in this endeavor.

It will therefore be the conflictual relationship between a mother and a daughter that will be the fulcrum of La Ligne. The film has as protagonists Stephanie Blanchoudas Margaret e Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, in those of Christina. Also in the cast Elli Spanish, India Hair, Dali Benssalah, Benjamin Biolay ed Eric Ruf.

La Ligne - The invisible line: the trailer for Ursula Meier's film

The film was presented in competition at the 72nd edition of the Berlin Film Festivalat the 23rd edition of the Naples Film Festival and al Longtake Interactive Film Festival 2022. Ursula Meier, director of the film, is already famous for being the author of successful films such as Home e Sister, both winners of numerous awards. In the past, Meier had also received the FICE European Cinema Award 2022, for the ability to insert a personal and cutting look at family dynamics and for a brilliant ability to direct the actors, maintaining a refined and engaging directing style.

The film has already been screened in Mantua, as the opening film of the 22nd edition of the arthouse cinema meetingson October 3, 2022.

La Ligne – The invisible line: the trailer

To anticipate the release of the film and its plot, was the official trailer. In the short video, the family drama appears immediately clear and compelling. The emotional power of Ursula Meier’s new work is also expressed musically. The melodies are in fact one of the central points of the film. This is because it is precisely with the music that the viewer is able to understand the characters. It is a real common thread that binds relationships, events and moods together.

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