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EZVIZ RH1 review: cordless 3in1 vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

In this article we are going to see the review of EZVIZ RH1, a 3in1 cordless vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

We learned about EZVIZ thanks to its many objects dedicated to video surveillance such as EZVIZ C6, EZVIZ BC1C and many other indoor or outdoor cameras. In today’s article, however, we are going to discover this brand from a completely new point of view, namely that of cleaning.

We have already reviewed many products capable of vacuuming solids and liquids and washing our floor. The time has come to put all our past experience at your service for the umpteenth time to evaluate the positive and negative sides of this product.

How did this EZVIZ RH1 behave? Let’s find out in this review.

Packaging e design | Recensione EZVIZ RH1

There is no shortage of accessories inside the package. In fact, in addition to our EZVIZ RH1, we find the charging base, two Hepa filters, two roller brushes, the charger, a battery, a bottle of special detergent, a pipe cleaner for cleaning the tanks and the instruction manual.

As far as design is concerned, we are dealing with a product that reflects the choices of its direct competitors. We find black and gray dominating all the plastics and removable parts. As with all models of this kind, we also find a large central display able to provide us with all the information on autonomy, suction / washing mode and any anomalies.

To switch between the modes, it will still be sufficient to press the dedicated button on the handle. To start self-cleaning and drying, however, just give the command once after placing our EZVIZ RH1 in the base.

Usage and Performance | EZVIZ RH1 review

We have been using this cordless vacuum cleaner for about three weeks and are now ready to give our verdict.

To give a complete opinion, we tried this vacuum cleaner on different types of surfaces and different tiles, purposely dirtying (and sometimes not doing it on purpose) our walkable surfaces.

As far as power is concerned, we have a 180 Watt motor that develops a maximum suction of 12,000 Pa. Data that is on average with the products we have previously tested.

The parent company does not provide data on actual battery life and merely informs us that their RH1 is able to clean a 200 square meter apartment. As it doesn’t quite line up with our tests. In fact, the battery has a duration of about 40 minutes if we use the scrubber dryer at minimum power and it drops by a handful of minutes (about 25/30) if a little more effort is required.

We doubt that such a vast square footage can be covered in such a lapse of time but overall we cannot complain about the autonomy that stands on average with the competitors.

Daily tests and uses

The power as mentioned is sufficient to meet the daily requirement. It also manages to guarantee a good level of general cleanliness. Dust and liquids are well sucked up by the roller brush and general cleaning is complete and effective.

Last but not least the stain test. Even if there is a cleaning self-management system that increases the power for the most stubborn stains, it was not easy to thoroughly clean the most stubborn dirt. For some stains left by a now dried fruit juice it took several steps. The problem is that in doing so the autonomy was no longer sufficient to finish our cleaning cycle and the time dedicated to it has significantly increased.

Overall, however, the mildest cleanings are completed and the water released for washing dries very quickly which is really excellent.

Who should buy this EZVIZ RH1?

In conclusion, we are dealing with a good product in line with its direct competitors which perhaps has a slightly too high price as its only defect.

Despite some small flaws, the EZVIZ RH1 turns out to be a good vacuum cleaner / floor cleaner. However, being the first launch of an object dedicated to cleaning by a brand, which has dealt exclusively with something else up to now, perhaps it would have been better to risk a more aggressive price.

If you can find some discounts, buy this product for cleaning your home with confidence.

Plus points

  • Bel design…
  • Good suction power…
  • Good handling

Points against

  • …although some plastics seem brittle
  • …even if the autonomy is not at the top
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