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La Vita Nascosta – Hidden Life: the historical film on Disney Plus

From 29 April, La Vita Nascosta – Hidden Life, a film about conscientious objector Franz Jägerstätter, will be available on Disney Plus

We have now reached the end of April, a month that saw us land on the platform Disney Plus lots of new releases. But it is not over yet, the appeal is still missing a biopic film that will take us straight back to the 40s. It is about The Hidden Life – Hidden Lifehistorical film dedicated to the Austrian conscientious objector Franz Jaegerstatterbeatified in 2007.

The film premiered in competition at the 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festivalon May 19, 2019.

The plot

La Vita Nascosta – Hidden Life is a 2019 film that brings back events that actually happened. The main character is Franz Jaegerstatterand Austrian farmer deeply Catholic. In 1938 he turns out to be the only inhabitant of the small town of Sankt Radegund a vote against the Anschluss, namely the annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany. At the outbreak of World War II, he will be forced to join the army, but refusing to fight alongside the Nazis. This decision of him will lead him to be recognized guilty of high treason, a crime punished by the Hitler regime with the death penalty. Sara faith and love for his wife and daughters to give man the strength to keep his spirit and ideals alive.

La Vita Nascosta - Hidden Life: the historical film on Disney Plus

The cast of La Vita Nascosta – Hidden Life

In the film, the protagonist Franz is played by the German actor August Diehlwhile his wife Franziska is played by the Austrian Valerie Pachner. Michael Nyqvist will be Bishop Joseph Fliesser, Jurgen Prochnow Major Schlegel e Matthias Schoenaerts Captain Herder. Also in the cast Bruno Ganz (Judge Lueben) in his last appearance after his disappearance, Martin Wuttke (Greater Kiel) e Alexander Fehling (Frederick Feldman).

La Vita Nascosta is a film written and directed by Terrence Malickalready the creator of numerous successful works, such as The Thin Red Line (1998), with which he won the Golden Bear in Berlin in 1999 and The Tree of Life (2011), winner of the Palma d’oro in Cannes in 2011.

The film is produced by Studio Babelsberg ed Elizabeth Bay Productions. In Italy it was distributed by Searchlight Pictures. Filming, which began in 2016 in Germany, then moved to Italy as well, more precisely to Bressanone, Brunico e Sappada.

If you are a lover of history you just have to wait for the April 29date on which La Vita Nascosta – Hidden Life, will finally be available on Disney Plus.

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