Black Clover: twist for Julius Nova and pause

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The new chapter of Black Clover is loaded with incredible plot twists. To create the new (and probably final) story arc, Yuki Tabata will be on hiatus for three months

Il chapter 331 from Black Clover immediately starts with an incredible board: Yuno meets his mother, the queen of the Kingdom of Swords Ciel Grinberryall. A reunion that is added to that, unfortunately only in the memories, of Asta with his own mother in turn.

However, Yuno still cannot be serenely with his newfound mother: not until he becomes king of the wizards in the Clover kingdom.

And it is precisely in Clover that we come to discover a further, shocking twist: Julius Novathe current ruler of wizards, is actually the devil Astaroth, of time magic. Julius loses control of himself, turning into the devil.

After Lucifer, this therefore promises to be an impossible-flavored clash for Asta, Yuno and the Black Bulls, against the magic of time, one of a kind. As always, you can read the last chapter for free on MangaPlus.

Black Clover: twist for Julius Nova and pause

Black Clover pauses

The chapter ends with an announcement: in order to better prepare the new narrative arc just opened, Black Clover will enter break for three months. Here is the complete press release from the same Yuki Tabata.

I personally wished to keep going without taking a break, but after discussing things with the editorial department, we decided that I should take a long break to give me more time to create the final arc.

I apologize to those who look forward to reading the new chapters each week. But I plan to do my best to make Black Clover as good as it can be and give it a proper conclusion. So, I’d appreciate it if you could just wait a little longer.

— Yūki Tabata

We will therefore have to wait until the end of the summer to see the start of the confrontation between our Asta and the mutated Julius.