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Land Rover: Range Rover and Range Rover Sport awarded five-star Euro NCAP

Range Rover e Range Rover Sport of Land Rover achieved the highest score in the Euro NCAP security test.

Land Rover’s new Range Rover models are 5-star

The models of the Range Rover series are not new to this type of recognition: already with the Evoque, in 2011, they obtained high scores in safety tests.

Both tested models are based on a new and versatile platform called MLAthat is to say Modular Longitudinal Architecture, in mixed metal and with a solid hi-tech base. The very latest technologies introduced in the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models work in harmony for a responsive and refined drive.

The Range Rover, among other things, is available in four, five and seven-seater configurations and is 50% stiffer than its predecessor. Range Rover Sport is 35% stiffer than its predecessor.

Thomas Mueller, Executive Director Product Engineering di Jaguar Land Rover, stated that: “These excellent Euro NCAP results are the direct result of the hard work and expertise that characterize the design, engineering and production of vehicles that have combined safety, capability and luxury for more than five decades.

Our robust MLA-Flex mixed metal platform provides a solid foundation for a suite of state-of-the-art active safety systems, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). These systems, combined, work in harmony to protect occupants and other road users. These Range Rovers are a technological triumph.”

How are the levels of protection?

Satisfactory for Land Rover, given that Range Rover scored 87% for the child protection on board and 72% for that of pedestrians and cyclists (VRU – Vulnerable Road Users). Range Rover Sport, on the other hand, collected 85% of the protection of adult occupants.

Both SUVs scored 82% for systems Safety Assist and share a number of advanced systems of driving assistance (ADAS) come:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) – Using forward-facing radar and cameras, AEB helps identify vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in front of the vehicle and, if you are making a turn, detects oncoming vehicles or cyclists from the adjacent lane. In the event of an emergency, AEB will apply the brakes to avoid impact or reduce its severity to a minimum.
  • Lane Keep Assist – monitors road lane markings to detect unintentional lane departures. If the vehicle is about to cross the lane boundary, a steering force is applied to the steering wheel to return to its lane.
  • Emergency Lane Keep Assist – Helps provide corrective steering inputs if it determines that the vehicle is driving too close to roadsides or veering into an adjacent oncoming lane.
  • 3D Surround Camera e ClearSight Ground View – provides a 360-degree 3D view around the vehicle and during maneuvers several views can be displayed on the touchscreen display simultaneously. ClearSight Ground View allows drivers to see the hidden area in front of and under the hood directly on the central touchscreen.
  • Driver Condition Response – stops the vehicle and activates the hazard warning lights if the driver does not respond to a series of audio-visual messages.
  • Rear Collision Monitor con Occupant Protection Assist – uses radars located in the front and rear corners of the SUV to detect collision risks within 70 meters and warn occupants by sounding an audible signal and preparing the cabin for a potential impact. If necessary, the hazard lights will flash and the interior will prepare for the collision by tightening the seat belts, moving the head restraints forward, reclining the seats, closing the windows and the panoramic roof.
  • Collision avoidance – the suspension automatically switches to Dynamic mode when the Forward Collision Warning system detects a risk of collision.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control e Steering Assist – Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a set cruising speed for the vehicle. Vehicle speed is automatically reduced if a slower moving vehicle is detected in the lane. Steering Assist allows the driver to keep the vehicle in the center of its lane by making small steering corrections.
  • Park Assist – detects available parking spaces and maneuvers the vehicle to park in parallel and perpendicular spaces. The system controls the vehicle during a maneuver using steering, acceleration, gear selection and braking.

A little gem: Amazon and Land Rover together

Amazon Alexa it is integrated into the Land Rover SUVs: Range Rover and Sport. With voice commands there will no longer be a need to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Alexa is logged in Beers Pro and can be activated with a simple “Alexa” command or by touching the button on the touchscreen.

Another interesting feature is the Cabin Air Purification Proa state-of-the-art system that purifies the air inside the vehicle.

Filtration PM2.5 and the tecnologia Nanoe™-X they help reduce odors, bacteria and allergens and improve well-being and alertness. They monitor CO levels inside the vehicle, it automatically introduces fresh outside air when needed.

Indeed high concentrations of CO₂ contribute to drowsinessthus the system proactively contributes to optimal driver alertness.

You can find more information on the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SUVs by clicking on the following link.

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