Langogo Genesis review: languages ​​at your fingertips

Langogo Genesis review: languages ​​at your fingertips

Langogo Genesis, the protagonist of this review, is one of the best portable translators on the market. Read on to find out the reasons

The instant I was offered to review this Langogo Genesis AI Translator I was a bit skeptical because the mass diffusion of increasingly performing smartphones as well as equally valid internet connections, allowed us to take advantage of an infinite series of smart features without having to buy a different product every time. In the market there are several devices labeled as “portable translators” but in many cases they fail to offer much more than what could be done with an application on the smartphone.

After testing it for a long time I can assure you that Langogo Genesis is a device instead able to make a difference, one of those who, after having tried it once, will make you think you can’t do without it in certain situations in life. Not only that, during the review I will explain why, in addition to being a valid and justified purchase, thanks to some precautions, it undoubtedly positions itself in the top of the category.

Top design, construction and display | Langogo Genesis AI Translator Review

If any person out of date on the mobile universe picked up Langogo’s translator, they would easily mistake it for a smartphone from a few years ago. Don’t get it wrong, it’s actually a great compliment because, unlike many of its competitors, the care that the engineers have placed in the conception of the body and in the overall build quality is clear. In terms of dimensions we are certainly not faced with a device that claims to be super compact, also thanks to the beautiful 3.1 “color display, but still manages to be comfortably gripped with one hand. Speaking of display, the touch-screen panel guarantees a visual quality superior to real needs, without however screaming for a miracle.

In reality it is a plus point not to be overlooked since it is generally not uncommon to find inexpensive displays, poorly defined and washed out in colors. The rest of the body (available in the black and white variant) is completely in plastic albeit very resistant and of excellent quality. On the right side there is the large button necessary to start listening by the device and the relative translation while the system speaker, which guarantees high volumes even if croaking at maximum settings, is positioned at the rear of the device.

Features and Connections | Langogo Genesis AI Translator Review

The similarities with a smartphone are not limited to aesthetics alone but the Langogo Genesis is a portable translator based on a modified build of Android. Let’s start immediately by dispelling one of the doubts that are surely reverberating in your head after pairing this device with a modified Android build (appropriately) by an Asian company that is not very famous. In the several weeks in which we have intensively tried the portable translator we have received several updates, a clear sign not to be underestimated of how much Langogo cares about this product and how much it believes in its potential to be developed more and more over time.

The software is obviously castrated in its functionality but always remains graphically consistent and well made as well as fluid and reactive. However, it should be noted that, in addition to not having the possibility to set the system language to Italian, even if you choose to opt for English, in some cases some small writings not translated from Chinese appear. In addition to the translation interface which provides the possibility of translating simple sentences (by holding down the appropriate button) or of entire conversations automatically in which the interlocutors speak two different languages, there is a smart assistant called Euri. EURI can be used to carry out simple operations such as a currency conversion.

In order to work, the portable translator needs to be connected to a connection Internet and, precisely in this regard, it manages to offer a functionality never seen before on these devices. In addition to being able to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and by inserting a SIM physics, Langogo’s translator has the peculiarity of enjoying a virtual simulation of the SIM (e.g) such that it is possible to buy different denominations of mobile data to be able to connect to the Internet practically everywhere. It is also possible to forward entire conversations to an e-mail address to never lose what has been said and translated.

Translation skills | Langogo Genesis AI Translator Review

Let’s get straight to the point, Langogo Genesis can translate well 105 different languages but not only that, he manages to do it with aimmediacy and precision never seen before on such a device. We are clearly not yet faced with the absolute miracle of simultaneous translation that will probably arrive later in time with the optimization of machine learning but we are still on excellent levels that allow you to carry out conversations with any interlocutor without too many problems. In this regard I have noticed two flaws that can somehow undermine the fluidity and understanding of a conversation.

First of all Genesis does not recognize punctuation within a sentence as well as the intonation that arises from a question or an imposition. Consequently, the proposed translation will never have, for example, the syntactic setting of a question. Also, before starting a translation, it is necessary select the two languages that the interlocutors will use in the conversation. I understand that it would be difficult to load the libraries of all 105 languages ​​in real time but it is equally annoying to have to select two languages ​​when, for example, you are not aware of the main language spoken by our interlocutor. Nothing to complain about the sampling of the various voices, always credible and almost never robotic that goes to emulate, and succeed, even the differences in intonation and accents.

It’s time to take stock

The Langogo Genesis AI Translator is definitely not a product intended for everyone, especially because of its not really low price of about € 300 (until December 31st you can enjoy a 10% discount with the coupon “tuttolanit” on In any case, he remains an excellent travel companion, perhaps the best among the various translators that can be purchased right now. So if you think you have to spend a lot of time on the other side of the world without knowing the language or if you never want to find yourself unprepared in every situation, it could be a purchase to be absolutely recommended.

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Points in favor

  • Nice design and great workmanship
  • Bel display
  • Immediate and always effective translations
  • More than 100 different languages

Points against

  • He doesn’t understand punctuation
  • Languages ​​to be set each time
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