Regali last minute e saldi online in sicurezza: la guida per evitare truffe e trappole thumbnail

Last minute gifts and safe online sales: the guide to avoid scams and traps

Il Natale it also means frenzy for gifts and for that reason Cyber ​​Guru has thought of a number of advice and the best practice to keep online for Christmas shopping and sales in complete safety.

Cyber ​​Guru’s advice for this Christmas

According to a report by Eurispesin 2022 1 Italian out of 3 (il 27,2%) was a victim of scams organized by cybercriminalswhile the 15,3% has undergone a fraud due to false identities.

Unfortunately, this kind of scam has become increasingly complex and imaginative as well as being able to perfectly mislead users. For this Cyber ​​Guru, the most effective training platform in Cybersecuity Awarenesshas come up with a series of tips and best practices to help consumers protect themselves and avoid potential pitfalls.

This is necessary because in recent years, due to the recent Covid 19 pandemic, millions of people have decided to do your shopping onlinebecoming easy prey for potential scams.

Beware of websites

The growth trend relating to online shopping is usually recorded just before Christmas or with the winter sales. Because of this it is essential users are very carefulas online scams tend to be more concentrated especially in this period.

First of all, it is essential that consumers realize in time whether or not they are shopping on cloned sites. A good way to realize this is check the address prefix (which it must be https and not http), il cost of products (if they are sold at a lower price than the market price it is likely to be a scam), le reviews e rely on intuition.

Usually, in fact, the saying “it’s too good to be true” can save you from a scam.

Beware of courier messages

Especially to those who communicate the rescheduling of a delivery in exchange for small amounts. According to a search by Check Point Softwarein November 2022 17% of all malicious files distributed by email were related to orders, deliveries e shipments. So it must not solo do not click on the courier link reported by a received message, but in case of doubt it is necessary go to the shipper’s official website and enter the delivery code shown in the message received.

Among the Cyber ​​Guru’s advice is also to pay attention to scams disguised as fundraisers

Although it is sad to think that even at Christmas fundraisers can actually be scams, the harsh reality refers to several news stories that have seen Unscrupulous criminals use a noble intent such as charity to cheat users.

Cybercriminals often create fictitious entitiestherefore to be sure of donating one’s contribution to the right causes, it is good to contact well-referenced charities. It is also very important to pay the utmost attention to greetings, gifts and discounts delivered by email, newsletter, SMS or social networks.

Also in this case the best practice imposes to always check the identities of the association, company or person with whom one interfaces.

Always keep in mind that the goal of cybercriminals is often to infecting devices with malware capable of spying on every action and stealing the data of the unfortunate ones. So an extra check can only be good for online users and also for their safety.

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