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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving Tracks and Tracks (Part 18, Moon Trophy)

From the Alemannic capital to the royal hedges, to Lapland, up to Saturn: here are the tracks and tracks of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Moon Trophy

We have just finished licking our chops with the Rock Trophy, and here is its successor raises the bar: worthy of a cosmic name, the moon trophy offers exceptional trails for our trail guide Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This time the protagonists are the German streets of Trip to Berlinthe marisco gardening of DS Peach’s Gardenthe village of Santa Claus in kyotense sauce offered by Decoration pass and, last but definitely not least, 3DS Rainbow Track. A more Christmassy championship than ever, especially for the setting of the third track and the impeccable level design of the last one. But let’s go in order, what the heck…

Trip to Berlin Tour – Drive through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tracks and tracks

For those who write to you, after starting to lay out the guide to tracks and tracks in Germany, a poetic retaliation is felt in talking about this addition to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe itinerary from your own home. Straight from the mobile episode, Trip to Berlin takes us for a walk in the German capital. What are we waiting for? Los!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving Tracks and Tracks (Part 18, Moon Trophy)

  • Layout: The first bend to the right takes you to a straight road past the Brandenburg Gate. Dodge the cars and, once you reach the Victory Column, go around it from the left by curving to the right. After the hairpin, be prepared for another slalom before veering left. The next right-hand bend will take you to the, ahem, “Mario Kart Bahnhof”. A right turn awaits you inside the station as well, but if you stay on the outside side and venture into the train carriages you will be rewarded with a few more items. After the ramp and the consequent descent you will have to swerve to the left and twice to the right. On lap two, the straight to the Victory Column will be airborne, then swerve left as soon as we reach the obelisk. The next three curves to the right, up to the detour to the left, will require you to do the same slalom. Steer right, left and right again. This direction will also accompany you for the following turns, up to the turbo platforms with which to avoid the Thmps. Turn left and you will be on the third lap. Warning: after the first right-hand bend you will have to steer left and avoid the Womps camouflaged in the Berlin Wall (academic kiss for the historical quote). The straight stretch can be covered under the arcades or not. Bend right and left until the Schiller Monument, which acts as a fork in the road. The roads, once reunited, will lead to the park that you have already crossed at the end of the second lap.
  • Assessment: With a killer soundtrack, halfway between techno and the German national anthem, the Mariasque adaptation of Berlin passes the test with flying colours. 8.5/10.

DS Peach’s Garden – Drive through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tracks and tracks

We move on to a great classic of the series. Since the level design of Mario Kart DS was in a state of absolute grace, we have pleasant memories of even the placid flatness of DS Peach’s Garden. We’re not insulting the track: it’s a mostly flat track. But it seems that this time the scenario has a little surprise for the veterans…

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving Tracks and Tracks (Part 18, Moon Trophy)

  • Layout: After the start, the first flower bed (near the water, so watch out!) will see you turn left, and then right around the second one (which can be cut with a mushroom) once you cross the bridge. The climb, the right-hand bend and the descent precede the major obstacle on the route: the Categnacci. The good news is that you no longer have to try to get the item cubes behind their chains like in the original, but the bad news is that the critters are on the loose. Zigzag up to the next uphill-right-downhill combo and you’ll reach a roundabout. Follow it as you like avoiding the Piranha Plant, and in the next two bends make sure you look out for the Tantatalpe. Turn right for the last straight, and right again for the finish line. On the third lap, the flowerbed-shortcut will be unusable in favor of a left turn: at the end of the race you will have to retrace the track backwards! The Categnacci area will be flyable with a blue ramp.
  • Assessment: We really can’t define Peach’s Garden as the flagship (pun perhaps not intended) of Mario Kart DS, but the surprise at the end of the race pleasantly surprised us. Chapeau. 8/10.

Valico Addobbo – Guide to tracks and tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Without “Tour” in the name, this all-new creation from the smartphone chapter returns to steal the Gingerbread Trip from Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled the crown for best Christmas track. In your opinion, however, Decoration pass will it measure up?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving Tracks and Tracks (Part 18, Moon Trophy)

  • Layout: It starts immediately uphill. After the first bend to the right, you will find a sloping crossroads. It’s up to you whether to embark on the tracks or avoid the risk entirely by staying on the main route. The left bend takes you to the final uphill road, once you have passed the bridge. The left-hander after the right-hander precedes a special ramp: the last section is all in anti-gravity mode. In addition to a ramp for tricks, the curve to the right leads directly to the final downhill straight. Take advantage of every turbo and every ramp and… Happy Holidays!
  • Assessment: Seen from above, the track minimap looks like little more than a simple B (or an R, you see). And this only reminds us how simple ideas are sometimes the best. 9/10.

3DS Rainbow Track

If you want a Rainbow Track that well implements a more technological than fairy-tale concept of space, you are probably thinking of the native one of Mario Kart 8. However, if you want a balance between the two ways of seeing the cosmos, then it is on 3DS Rainbow Track that you will have to return. Where N64 Rainbow Track implemented the single finish line for its return, the idea was first seen in Mario Kart 7. And this track manages to be memorable enough as it is.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driving Tracks and Tracks (Part 18, Moon Trophy)

  • Layout: Don’t expect a guardrail! Two tough curves immediately await you, one to the right and one to the left, before you turn right once more and climb along the straight to the sound of turbo ramps. What goes up, sooner or later comes down: a corkscrew awaits you to the right around the little planet, which you can skid if you’re able to manage the various falls between the sections of road. You will then find a left hand bend, followed by a ramp, a diving board and two more right hand turns. The blue ramp will take you gliding to the rings of Saturn, or rather a curve to the left in which holes and turbo platforms alternate. Be careful when landing after the next glide: the left-hander has three turbo platforms on the outer edge, but only for the most daring (and capable). You’ll make left and right turns again, before reaching a shaky straightaway. Try to fall off the road as late as possible, then avoid the bouncing Chains on the lunar craters. The right-hander that begins the final section of the track has areas where you’ll run faster, then hurtle down a straight into a rotating tube. Try to ring as many turbos as possible and take the blue ramps to fly over the various turbo ramps suspended in the air. Avoid the meteorites and, after a curve to the right, a straight and a curve to the left, you will be at the finish line.
  • Assessment: Revisiting this masterpiece of level design has reminded us of what is, hands down, the best incarnation of the track in this game. No counterpart boasts as conclusive a feel as the one and only 3DS Rainbow Track. 10/10.

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