Last Rave – A Free Party story, a documentary about the change in a global phenomenon.

Rosy Talarico

Back by popular demand in Rome, Tuesday 5 April at 9.00 pm at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila the documentary The Last Rave – A free party story, first work by Alessandro Ruggeri.

The film, produced by Andrea Scarcella and Andrea Pirri Ardizzone’s Sarastro Film, was shot over the course of three years, between Italy, Germany and France. Last Rave – A Free Party Story tells the whole story of rave partieshow they were born and the meanings that changed together with the surrounding social fabric

Making a documentary on free parties was born fromneed to restore dignity and beauty to a phenomenon that is always represented by the news in its most scabrous and sensationalistic images, e they do not investigate the real causes of this socio-cultural phenomenon.

This film has the difficult task of telling something extremely contemporary but which at the same time has solid cultural foundations that come from far away.

The documentary

Last Rave – A Free Party Story immerses us completely in the world of free parties showing us all the evolution of what can be considered as the last important artistic expression of the twentieth centurymaking a collage of unpublished interviews with the protagonists of today and yesterday and adding footage from repertoire that perfectly analyze the impact of this phenomenon on contemporary society.

The rave scene and the ensuing teknival movement represented a path that has forged, in its underground paths, innovative musical genrescreating a mosaic of artistic expressions and lifestyles that come together in a collective dance, creating an immense container of political-existential instances, linking together dreamers of liberated communities, technological experimentation and struggles for the rights of minorities.

Last Rave - A Free Party story, a documentary about the change in a global phenomenon.

It starts from the Great Britain of the 90s, in the midst of the cyberpunk era, and then arrives in the Italy of contemporary times.

Last Rave looks at this phenomenon from all points of viewanalyzes its success in Europe and follows all the stages of history from the repression by the European legislative apparatuses and police forces to its complete absorption in the dynamics of the new consumer society.

We talk about how the rave and punk movements represent an upheaval, a refusal of the company’s codes of conduct.

The structure and the themes told

The film has a concentric structure, passing from the particular to the generalfrom the phenomena belonging to the rave microcosm to the profound changes in society during the last thirty years, under various aspects.

They deepen different themes: the passage from analog to digital, the affirmation of electronic music, the concept of private property, the re-appropriation of empty spaces from capitalism, anti-prohibitionism, psycho-nautical and altered states of consciousness.

However it is acknowledged that something changed after the first season in raves. Musical creativity has no longer been the protagonist, on the contrary the musical genres have crystallized around those born in these environments.

The insurrectional and anti-systemic thrust that had characterized its beginnings has failed, giving these events a very important political dimension. The demands of our society have changed, and therefore even the rave, an illegal underground phenomenon, is absorbed by economic and social globalizationwithout being able to catalyze, unite and make thousands of people dream.

The raves are never over, they just changedtheir representation has become something completely different.

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