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Le Vie del Tech: the technology podcast you need to listen to

If you are looking for a technology podcastbut different from the others, let us introduce you to our new one podcast (which you can actually also find in the video version) entitled “Life of Tech“. It is an unusual and very original podcast that you will hardly find anywhere else. You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and many other platforms.

What is LE VIE DEL TECH, the tech podcast you didn’t know about

Le Vie Del Tech, was born a few months ago as a video project on our Youtube channel, which has now also become a podcast available on all free platforms. It arises from the desire – but above all from my personal need – to explain how technology has completely changed our lives not only through the tech products (smartphones, PCs, consoles, cars, GPS) that we handle every day but how it manages to the geopolitical balance of the world: sometimes positively and other times with “dark” implications. The Ways of Tech are endless, we know this, but thanks to our podcast everything slowly, slowly will begin to take on a completely different meaning.

The format and the guests

Life of Techand a (video) podcast hosted by me, Fjona Cakalli. In each episode, lasting about 40 minutes, we will let ourselves be guided by the words and knowledge of illustrious guests and expert connoisseurs of a given sector (such as Francesco Costa, Simone Pieranni, Emilio Cozzi, Giulia Pompili and many others that we will reveal to you during 2023). Together we will try to explain how much Silicon Valley is in the tech products we use every day, why China is becoming the technological hub of the world, why space is so linked to the world of technology and why crime today must fear witchcraft technological. This and much more at “Life of Tech“, an editorial product that – allow me to say – makes me very proud because it is created with care, love, a lot of passion and intellectual honesty.

Where to listen to the technological podcast “Le Vie del Tech”

The episodes of Le Vie del Tech will be published on a monthly basis on all audio streaming platforms available on the market.

  • Spotify (remember to follow us and leave some star ratings to help us grow)
  • Apple Podcast (remember to evaluate the podcast maybe even with a written review);
  • Google Podcast.

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