The new iPhone 15s will continue to rely on Qualcomm

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Apple is still far from completing the development of its 5G chips and, as a result, the new iPhone 15s will continue to use Qualcomm chips to access the Internet on the move and the network 5G. The news was confirmed by a new report in these hours.

Apple will continue to rely on Qualcomm modems for the new iPhone 15 as well

According to the first information that emerged online in these hours, i new iPhone 15 should integrate the Snapdragon X70 modem for access to 5G. Qualcomm’s chip should guarantee an increase in connection and signal speeds as well as a 60% improvement in energy efficiency.

At the momentApple would still be far from completing the development of its chips for 5G. Qualcomm’s modems would be even higher and, therefore, the Cupertino house would have once again opted for Snapdragon solutions for its smartphones.

We remember that the launch of the new iPhone 15 is set for September next year. At this point, the project to introduce a new proprietary modem could be postponed to 2024. Apple could launch the first iPhones with a proprietary modem instead of relying on Qualcomm in just under two years. We will know more in the future.

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