Lenovo announces the new range of ThinkPad Z laptops

Lenovo introduces the Thinkpad Z series, a family of professional PCs featuring modern design and recycled materials!

They are called ThinkPad Z13 e Z16, and are new laptops of the aforementioned range. Which embrace the philosophy of modern design by addressing a new audience of business users.

The new design reflects a different attitude towards technology and its impact on the environment, as well as greater attention to the origin of raw materials. The design is not limited to simply highlighting unique and refined colors such as bronze and artic gray, but leaves room for more sustainable materials such as recycled aluminum or eco-leather in the black color variant. Sustainability also extends to packaging, made entirely of recyclable and compostable bamboo and sugarcane materials, while the AC adapter is made from 90% post-consumer recycled content.

ThinkPad Z13 and Z16 are powered by AMD Ryzen PRO processors next generation and will be equipped with the security processor Microsoft Pluto to ensure greater chip-to-cloud security on PCs with operating systems Windows 11. The Microsoft Pluton security processor, designed and updated by Microsoft, reduces the exposure of new PCs with Windows 11, protecting the identity and data of the user as well as the applications.

Lenovo announces the new range of ThinkPad Z laptops Lenovo announces the new range of ThinkPad Z laptops

Lenovo announces the new range of ThinkPad Z laptops

The collaboration between Lenovo and AMD it also concerns the design of a cutting-edge platform that streamlines all parts of the system, from electronics to hardware through to software. The ThinkPad Z13, equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 3 next-generation processor, delivers a collaboration experience at the highest level. Processor optimization ensures smooth audio and video performance, maximizes responsiveness, and gives the battery amazing battery life for applications such as Teams and Zoom.

ThinkPad Z16 can also be configured with the new dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card, based on AMD smart technologies, for increased productivity, advanced content creation and uncompetitive gaming. Paired with Ryzen processors, AMD Smart Shift Max guarantees an immediate increase in CPU and GPU power, while Smart Shift Eco is designed to maximize battery efficiency.

Lenovo announces the new range of ThinkPad Z laptops

Now close to the start of the ThinkPad 30th anniversary celebrations, We are so proud of ThinkPad’s experience and legacy that we can guarantee our commitment to innovation for the benefit of end users for decades to come. We are thrilled with the significant evolutionary breakthrough imparted to the ThinkPad Z Series design, yet it does not prevent the ThinkPad Z13 and Z16 from acting as a sounding board for essential design and engineering principles from the brand’s origins.

ThinkPad Z series integrates aesthetic and technological features that can make each user’s user experience even better. Minimalism is deliberately sophisticated and refined. The displays have been optimized with the inclusion of ultra-thin bezels in 16:10. The quality of audio and videoconferencing is improved by the new communications bar which has a more performing Full HD webcam with a 1.4 µm pixel sensor and dual array microphones.

Lenovo announces the new range of ThinkPad Z laptops

A glass tactile ForcePad, 120mm wide, has been introduced, in continuity with the palm rest, also in glass, for quick and easy typing. Also, everyone they know the iconic red TrackPoint will notice a new feature: a double click on the TrackPoint will launch a QuickMenu for quick access to common camera and microphone settings.

Our intent is to satisfy users with a look that stands out to the eye and to the touch, using recycled materials and delivering on the promise of an exceptional experience while ensuring the IT departments enterprise-class performance, security, reliability and manageability.

Here is a very brief summary of the complete technical specifications;

  • Recycled eco-leather and aluminum black color, recyclable bamboo and sugar cane packaging
  • Communications bar with integrated Full HD video camera with larger sensor, electronic privacy shutter and dual array microphone
  • Rapporto screen-to-body (STB) largest among ThinkPad family products: 91.6% (Z13) and 92.3% (Z16)
  • ForcePad larger tactile, 120 mm
  • Clear view options thanks to the display OLED 2.8K with touch activation on the Z13 model and the 4K OLED display on the Z16 model, both with Dolby Vision support and low blue light output
  • Dolby Atmos speaker system and Dolby Voice® noise cancellation technology with artificial intelligence
  • New function with double click on the TrackPoint to launch a communication QuickMenu for quick access to camera and microphone settings
  • Z13 integrates next generation AMD Ryzen PRO processors U series with integrated AMD Radeon graphics card and Microsoft Pluton security processor. The Z13 is also available exclusively with an AMD Ryzen PRO processor
  • The Z16 model integrates next generation AMD Ryzen PRO H series processors with integrated AMD Radeon graphics card or, optionally, with dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card, and is equipped with the Microsoft Pluton security processor.
  • I AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 processors with Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 offer advanced manageability and industry-leading Wi-Fi connectivity on both the Z13 and Z16 models. Additionally, the Qualcomm 4-stream Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS) found on AMD Ryzen processors™ PRO 6000 allows Dual Station Wi-Fi, natively supported on Windows 11, to maintain low latency potential
  • Windows 11 operating system pre-installed
  • Match-on-chip fingerprint reader integrated into the keyboard for added security and convenience.

Lenovo announces the new range of ThinkPad Z laptops

The words of David Weston, Partner Director of Enterprise and OS Security of Microsoft Corp;

Hybrid work has now become the rule that forces users to seek new levels of collaboration and security. For the first time in a business PC, the Microsoft Pluton security processor integrated into the AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 processors in the ThinkPad Z13 and Z16 models running Windows 11 will enable identity, data and security protection. chip-to-cloud user apps. The powerful combination of these technologies will help users increase productivity and commitment, with the peace of mind of those who know they can count on the protection they need to face today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

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