The most interesting news of CES 2022

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LAS VEGAS – It is over the 2022 edition of the CES. It was undoubtedly an unusual event, marked by defections, distancing and certainly a smaller influx of journalists, analysts, investors and experts in the sector. However, there was no lack of news, which involved all areas, from the world of PCs to that of health. We therefore decided to ask our editors in the field to select a product or technology that has broken their hearts.

Fjona’s choice: BMW iX Flow

The technology on which it is based iX Flow, BMW’s color-changing car, it is not completely new. The German house has in fact developed a detail e-ink coating which uses the electrodes to stimulate one of the two pigments (black and white) and thus allow the bodywork and the rims to change shades in an instant.
Imagine this film as a huge ebook reader, except that the technology here has been honed for consume energy (very little) only during the few seconds necessary to change the color. The system is then designed to be redundant then in case of scratches and damage it should not be necessary to change the entire coating but only the damaged area.

But what is this technology for? Now it is undoubtedly a habit, even if it already brings a functional advantage: in summer you can use the white pigment to fight the heat while in winter you can decide which variant you prefer most.
In the future, applications will increase: it will be possible to insert writings, logos or useful information to the owner such as the percentage of battery charge in the lining.
What to say? I can’t wait to see cars that change color on the market.

Erika’s choice – Labrador Retriever

When we think of robots we imagine highly advanced automata that speak and move like us. A scenario that fascinates us but that, at the same time, puts us in some difficulty. Not only for the social implications of this future revolution. Today, developing such an advanced robot is very difficult as well as very expensive.
Labrador System has therefore adopted a different approach, with an automated “butler” that is simpler in form and function but which is however particularly useful.

The product presented at CES is Labrador Retriever, it is very minimal from an aesthetic point of view and was born with the idea of ​​helping the elderly, with mobility problems or with chronic diseases. As? By transporting objects from point A to point B with a system based on a series of predefined stops that you establish using the application. All this will allow the Retriever, arriving on the market this year, to bring you a drink, to hold the laundry basket for you or to approach the pressure machine.
A little help that can make a big difference, however, giving above all a little autonomy to the people who need it.

Giovanni’s choice – Lightscience MyLab

Of the various startups present at CES, I was particularly impressed by the Italian Lightscience, which aims to revolutionize the world of diagnostic medicine. In fact, they presented a small portable laboratory, called MyLab and based on spectroscopic analysis, capable of analyze blood (but potentially also saliva, urine and other types of samples) for almost any type of analytic. The process lasts less than a minute and in the company’s visions it can be carried out independently by the patient himself.

The perspective is revolutionary, because it would allow make analyzes that at the moment only some specific laboratories can do easy, cheap and accessible to all, but at the same time incredibly concrete: the components and algorithms used are based on consolidated science and standard pieces, and the two founders come from a consolidated medical-biological background.
Their product could one day change our lives.

Giulia’s choice – The ShowcasePC Hologram

Among the many novelties of this CES 2022, LED lovers will love the new ShowcasePC hologram. We are not talking about a simple RGB lighting or a simple static projection. The Images they are alive and absolutely customizable. You will see them move on the front and continue outside the case itself.

We have a real one in our hands projector from moving holograms. Whether it’s a personal video or not, it doesn’t matter. Download the video of your choice and that’s it. You can even register your face and then reproduce it on the front of the case. Do you want a whale that swims peacefully and then launches itself off the surface? Or do you prefer a UFO that captures your cows? Here you are satisfied, there is no limit to customization.

Perhaps, this is not the most useful object shown, but certainly the most eye-catching from a gaming point of view. Gamers love lights and their games, and with this system, they will have the ability to make their workstations more and more unique.

Daniele’s choice – ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED

CES 2022 is the scene of great and exciting wonders, and none amazed me as much as the new one Foldable laptop from Asus. Just writing “foldable laptop“Unleashes in me those emotions that only the charm of technology can give. If it seems to you that it is exaggerating, let yourself be amazed!
L’Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED it is, apparently, a very normal 13 “laptop with OLED screen which, however, can be transformed if necessary and with a scenographic effect, into a single screen from 17“. The magnetic keyboard, in fact, can be lifted very easily and the laptop will automatically enter “full screen” mode during which we can use the touchscreen or even the keyboard itself via bluetooth. Beyond the aesthetics and the little miracle of folding screens, what is most striking is the combination with the power of the PC itself. We are talking about 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB of internal memory and all the potential of the 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Style, innovation and power, the triad of every technology lover and what a major event like CES should offer.

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