Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

Smart working has now crept into our lives and, between advantages and disadvantages, it will always be more present. That’s why the Lenovo Go series of accessories is really cool right now

Lenovo today announces the expansion of the product and accessories portfolio of the new Lenovo Go brand, presented last month. The broad portfolio of PC accessories is designed to improve productivity on the go, taking into account the needs of those working in hybrid mode, for support them in activities such as multitasking on multiple devices, in the need to recharge devices on the move or to overcome the poor audio quality during conference calls. Designed to inspire and enhance the user experience in hybrid work, Lenovo Go accessories offer a unique solution for features such as power and audio that help improve the efficiency of your workspace.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

For example, the new mouse Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device, announced last month, is the perfect companion for the user who works in multitasking frequently switching between devices. You can pair up to three devices and switch between them by pressing a single button. Professionals who constantly move to different workspaces will also appreciate thel Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit. Thanks to the exclusive technology Power-by-Contact (PbC), this kit can wirelessly charge a 13 “or 14” laptop. Simply plug the pad into a 45 to 65 Watt charger and plug its base into a USB Type-C port on your laptop.

With the growing popularity of popular collaboration software, many more hours are spent wearing headsets, often not optimized for today’s unified communications platforms. Lenovo Go Wired Speakerphone frees your ears from the weight of the headphones and offers flexibility and excellent sound quality. Lenovo Go Wired Speakerphone works with Microsoft Teams, includes two omnidirectional microphones for beamforming and far-field pickup technology to improve voice clarity, positioning itself as the perfect solution for the home office or meeting rooms. With a line of products inspired by the real needs of users and designed on the basis of their indications, Lenovo Go will help people work productively, anywhere, anytime. The new brand will offer a series of accessories in different categories that respond to the needs most commonly associated with flexible working.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

Lenovo Go: Power Solutions

The worry of not having enough charge or not having access to the electricity grid is one of the problems most felt by those who often work on the move. Lenovo Go’s power solutions give people back control of their productivity with wired or wireless charging solutions. In addition to the Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank announced last month, the new one is on the way Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging KitDesigned for those who frequently travel between different work areas, the wireless charging kit eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect a power cable. Able to charge 13 “or 14” notebooks up to 65 W, the kit works through Energysquare’s patented Power by Contact technology. The Lenovo Go Wireless Mobile Power Bank is also presented to complete the range of power solutions. With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, users can simultaneously charge multiple devices up to a maximum of 30W, one via wireless Qi and two via USB-C. By eliminating the need for multiple cables, the power bank minimizes battery life issues for mobile workers.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

Lenovo Go: input devices

The Lenovo Go family of mice and keyboards feature numerous innovations that make them suitable for the most dynamic work environments, allowing you to quickly switch between different workstations. In addition to the Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse announced last month, Lenovo Go introduces four other products. Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Mouse, a wireless mouse with unique features in a lightweight solution suitable for frequent travel. The rechargeable battery offers up to three months1 of use and the mouse, thanks to a precision optical sensor, works flawlessly on multiple surfaces. In addition, for greater customization there is a programmable button and it is possible adjust the number of DPI, giving users even more precise control.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

Given the large number of remote workers who are increasingly busy with their PCs for many hours, use prolonged use of the trackpad or a traditional mouse can be tiring. Thanks to the new vertical mouse wireless Lenovo Go, it is possible to have an ergonomic grip and a natural “handshake” position on the mouse that reduces pressure on the wrist and forearm fatigue. Designed using ergonomic materials such as cork with UV coating, it is also easy to clean. The optical mouse can be connected wirelessly and offers extreme pointing accuracy, with a maximum of 2400 DPI and six programmable buttons for complete customization.

The keyboard Lenovo Go Wireless Split offers an extremely responsive tactile feel and negative tilt to reduce wrist stress. Like the ergonomic mouse, the keyboard includes a cork palm rest with UV coating for more comfort. In addition, there is also the Lenovo Go wireless numeric keypad, which can be connected wirelessly, particularly suitable for those who frequently use spreadsheets.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

Lenovo Go: clearer audio

Audio quality is a fundamental element of the collaboration experience, but it is often taken for granted, causing frustration and less than optimal user experiences. Lenovo Go audio devices are designed from the ground up to reduce ambient noise, deliver high sound quality, and be simple to use. Thanks to Lenovo Go Wired Speakerphone, designed for work natively with Microsoft Teams it will be possible to free your ears from prolonged use of headphones, although we know that not all open-plan work environments are suitable for prolonged use of speakers. For this reason, Lenovo Go includes a selection of headsets and headsets that meet different audio needs for video conferencing and video calling.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

The Lenovo Go wired ANC headphones and the wireless ANC headphones offer the same great on-ear audio experience in two different packages. The former can be connected to each device via USB Type-C or Type-A, while the latter use wireless technology with dual Bluetooth connectivity that allows simultaneous pairing with two devices. Alternatively, wireless ANC headphones can be connected via USB Type-C to also take advantage of the charging option. Both headsets work with Microsoft Teams and offer active noise cancellation with a software customizable audio experience.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

The cuffie in-ear Lenovo Go ANC offer the same high-quality audio experience with active noise cancellation in a particularly convenient format, giving users the ability to switch to a “talk-through” mode environmental at the touch of a button. Designed to work universally with any USB Type-C device, the in-ear headphones include a series of buttons for quick control of audio playback and calls. Also included in the box are three sizes of silicone earbuds for added convenience.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

A smart experience

Managing custom settings can often be time-consuming, especially if users have to work across multiple applications to set different options. The software Lenovo Go Central helps manage and control compatible accessories from a single application. Adjusting mouse settings or managing audio configurations for headphones are easily adjusted through a single interface.

Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working Lenovo Go: many new accessories for smart working

Traveling long distances or commuting to work can be a frustrating experience if we have to carry all the accessories we need with us. Storing a smartphone, earphones, mouse, and power bank in a case along with a laptop can cause damage, including scratched screens, broken cables or buttons. Store essential accessories in the sleek Lenovo Go Tech Accessories Organizer helps protect them with dedicated, insulated housings with waterproof zippers. The dedicated sections for the mouse, power bank, earphones and power cable of the organizer also include spaces for smartphones and pens, and allow you to store all accessories easily and without risk of damaging them.

Pricing and availability of the new accessories will be announced later, so stay tuned!

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