Minecraft and DOOM, finally together through a mod

Digs and Terrors, Joys (for Us) and Sorrows (for Enemies): With the Unauthorized Arrival of DOOM, Minecraft has never been so gory

It was only a matter of time before someone got their own action figures of Minecraft and of DOOM and made them kiss each other. Our metaphor (action figure for a figurative expression, there is) was a must: apart from a first-person view, what do the two games have in common? The only dig we do in Bethesda’s shooter is among the internal organs of the first demon we come across. The two series could not be more poles apart than this, and perhaps it was precisely this that threw the gauntlet to the user. XeKyT0811 on Reddit. How big did he… shot it?

Minecraft and DOOM, such as mussels and Nutella

It’s not that Minecraft is the strangest wedding we’ve seen DOOM take part in. The infernal carnage of ID Software has mated a little with dogs and pigs recently, and we don’t use the verb “mate” just to say: not even the pregnancy test they are safe, just as Game & Watches are not and neither can light bulbs. Now, however, we have a package of weapons and (more or less) enemies for an authentic demon-gutting experience in the world of sucrose cubes put together by Mojang. How could this ever have turned out?

You can realize this with the video above: XeKyT0811 did not miss any detail, even recreating the legendary armor of the Slayer. The result is an approach… unusual to the usually rounded world (in its angularity) set in motion by Notch and company. Not only that: it is true that it is not something official, but this has not prevented the author from including a download link. This bizarre mash-up is now playable, and who knows if in the future Mojang herself doesn’t think to include it in the pantheon of crossover projects that has already affected Halo and Sonic.

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