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The POS, the payment terminal for a quality business

Why limit yourself to receiving payments in-store, if you have mobile businesses, or if you go to your customers?

Never before have there been so many payment options for those who own a business and want to expand it and make it known to as many people as possible: with a mobile POS, in fact, you can also receive payments remotely, even on your mobile phone if you use an app. , without any restrictions and every day of the week. Payments via pos terminals, or by app card, managed safely and for any type of activity. For a small price it is possible to have a payment point not only in the store, but also remotely: easy and comfortable tools to use.

Payments every day and at any time, in any place

Why limit yourself to receiving payments in-store, if you have mobile businesses, or if you go to your customers? Why can I accept payments only at certain times of the day? And above all, which payment terminal to choose for your business? The choice is always subjective, but in general all devices are connected to the internet through the 3G / GRPS, wifi or Bluetooth connection, and have an integrated data sim card that allows you to use the chosen device anywhere, and not only in Italy.

Lots of models to choose from

You can choose the go model, a functional and economical model, or the carbon, perfect for Android, or the Combo, robust with keyboard and printer, or finally the glass, which is able to accept payments on the mobile phone and has no cables. , and not even extra hardware. To all these mobile terminals is then added the unattended solution, that is the terminal for car parks and distributors, or the Hubs, with a higher cost and with integrated screen and cash register. All models can be accessorized with add-on pieces, such as charging docks and cases.

Pos to buy or rent, for a winning business

All pos can be bought by the merchant, who in this way has the possibility to receive payments in complete tranquility and to increase sales, or you can decide to rent the terminal from a bank or financial institution, buying a pos, however, you will be able to enjoy a truly unique price and a device that lasts over time, perfectly performing all the functions for which it was created. The choice of whether to buy or rent a pos must therefore be weighted according to the different needs.