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LG: announced the launch of the new LG ThinQ UP appliances

The LG company has announced in the last few hours the launch of its new and revolutionary LG ThinQ UP appliances. New LG appliances can be updated with new features tailored to your needs and lifestyles

LG Electronics (here for more information about LG) announces the launch of the LG ThinQ UP collection of upgradable home appliances. This includes refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens and dishwashers. Able to adapt to different needs and lifestyles, LG appliances allow you to integrate new functions and features, even after purchase. Already marketed in South Korea, the LG ThinQ UP line of home appliances will be available on the international market starting from March 2023. First in the United States and, subsequently, in other key markets.

LG: announced the launch of the new LG ThinQ UP appliances

Details on the new LG ThinQ UP appliances

Built around the concept of Evolving with You that puts people first! LG ThinQ UP appliances can integrate new features during the course of their use. LG will develop software updates and easy-to-install hardware components. Offering specific options for each type of use, also based on user suggestions. One of the custom features available for download in 2023 will be the Laundry Saver mode. This will be available on ThinQ UP dryer models. Extremely useful for those times when you can’t unload the dryer right away. Laundry Saver keeps the drum spinning even after the cycle is finished (and until the dryer door is opened) to help prevent creases and odours. Another feature is the Improved Nighttime Brightness Control, i.e. improved control of the nighttime brightness of ThinQ UP refrigerators. This makes the internal lighting of the refrigerator dimmer during the night so as not to ‘blind’ when the door is opened. All new features are optional and can be easily downloaded from the free LG ThinQ app.


The LG ThinQ UP collection represents a new paradigm in the household appliances sector: it is a new and innovative solution capable of offering constant added value and a differentiated user experience,

said Lyu Jae-cheolpresident of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, who went on to say that:

We will continue to develop lifestyles that offer excellent performance, practical features and customizable upgrades.

Visitors to CES 2023 (Las Vegas, January 5-8, 2023) will be able to discover the latest innovations from LGincluding the new ThinQ UP appliances, at the LG booth (#15501, Las Vegas Convention Center).

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