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Top Gun: Maverick best movie of 2022 according to fans

Top Gun: Maverick has been chosen as the best film of 2022 according to fans who responded to a Screen Rant poll

You got it right: the brand new Top Gun was crowned by fans as the best film of the current year. Not only is it the one that has obtained the most box office, therefore, but also the one with the highest approval rate compared to all the other releases of our local cinemas. At least, that’s according to the survey by Screen Rant. In short, Tom Cruisethe protagonist of the franchise, has reason to rejoice, given that he was elected as the reason for the success of Top Gun: Maverick.

The Screen Rant poll asked to indicate the best film 2022 based on public taste and those who participated had no doubts: the most loved film is certainly Top Gun!

A surprise, we have to say, also because the film has been out in cinemas for several months now. But the success of Tom Cruise does not stop. And in the time of balances as we are at the end of the year, he is the one to receive the favorite star award.

Top Gun Maverick: the reasons for the great success

To be honest, there are many reasons why Top Gun: Maverick it was so successful. We try to list a few, but you will be the one to say if you agree!

First of all, although it is a sequel, the film can also be considered a stand-alone because, alongside some characters that refer to the old Top Gun, there are completely new characters in the foreground. Furthermore, and we have to say this, they are played by excellent actors, for example Miles Teller, Glen Powell and the fabulous Jon Hamm.

How can we not mention the acrobatic prowess of the unstoppable Tom Cruise? It must therefore be said: Tom Cruise, despite being 60 years old, is experiencing a new golden age. Few Hollywood stars prove to be so physically powerful, handsome, with the charm of true everlasting stars.

Subsequently, it must also be said that on a technical level, the sequel is clearly superior to the original Top Gun. Even though it was directed by a magnificent Tony Scott, the old Top Gun had less in depth characters and was, in a sense, ax cut. What about the macho culture that permeated the entire film? With the new feminist movements and with the Me too that has shocked Hollywood, such a vision is no longer allowed in the cinema in order not to risk giving completely wrong and misleading messages.

As a last reason, Top Gun: Maverick has several moving scenes, primarily the one in which Pete meets Iceman (Val Kilmer), and very little CGI, given that Tom and the director Joseph Kosinski they wanted to give an impression of reality.

Top Gun: Maverick and other popular movies

Let’s go back for a moment to the survey done by Screen Rant. If Top Gun: Maverick is in first place of the most loved films of 2022, what are the other films voted by users? We tell you! The other films are The Batman, Everything Everywhere All At Once and, of course, Avatar: The Water Road and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

It’s nice to see that, in addition to being blockbusters, these films are also author’s, in the sense that directors of a certain importance have thought of directing them and who, in addition to entertaining, make one reflect and celebrate noble sentiments.

Recall once again that Top Gun: Maverick is the film that has grossed the most in 2022 (1,487,357,000 dollars), establishing itself as the eleventh film with the highest earnings ever. In addition, it was recently chosen as the best film of the year by the National Board of Review, a New York non-profit organization dedicated to cinema.

In short, now we know exactly which was the most loved film of this year that we are about to leave behind. We can’t wait to enjoy the new films that will be released in 2023. You?

Obviously, if there will be juicy news, we will be the first to inform you. Until then, please…stay tuned!

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