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Sony Honda Mobility presents the Afeela car at CES 2023

LAS VEGAS – Sony at CES 2023 announced the first vehicle of Sony Honda Mobility, the Afeela car. A vehicle that wants to revolutionize the way we interact with cars, increasing autonomy but also providing entertainment like never before seen in a car. Pre-orders will start in the second half of 2025, with the first deliveries scheduled for spring 2026.

Sony Honda Mobility announces Afeela, the first car of the new brand

Sony partners with Honda to create the Sony Honda Mobility brand, which promises to revolutionize the automotive sector. The company has just begun its journey, which plans to revolutionize the world of mobility through three: Autonomy, Augmentation e Affinity.

For Sony Honda Mobility, “Autonomy” means creating a car capable of moving intelligently, helping the driver with automation pushed to the maximum. “Augmentation” means bringing entertainment to the world of mobility, revolutionizing how people move and shortening our travel time, making us have fun and relax while we’re in the car. And then he wants to create a product capable of adapting to the driver and passengers, also thanks to very important collaborations.

And Sony Honda Mobility wants to achieve all these goals by presenting a new and revolutionary news: the new Afeela electric car.

A new way of experiencing the car

afeela sony honda moility

The name, which contains “feel”, wants to put people at the center. Revolutionizing how cars move, but also the interface and the way we interact with them. Indeed, Sony Honda Mobility explains that it stands working with creatives to explain how to create unique experiences for those who ride this car model.

But it’s not just about entertainment. Indeed, there will be 45 sensors, from cameras to Time-on-flight, which will allow you to bring the best autonomous driving on the market. But the cabin experience will also change: movies, music and games will be at the center of the experience.

Collaborations with Qualcomm and Epic Games

The company will work closely with Qualcomm on the Snapdragon platform for the automotive sector. Working on the platform like Snapdragon Digital Chassis, it becomes possible to create a digital twin of the car to enable smart updates, cloud connections and increasingly autonomous, as well as safe and simple driving.

sony mobility honda afeela

But it will also work with Epic Games and its Unreal Engine, which Sony already uses to create games as well as movies and TV series. This collaboration will also reach the automotive world, bringing augmented reality and the virtual world into the car cockpit.

Sony Honda Mobility Afeela will arrive in spring 2026, with bookings starting the year before. And the company explains that this is just the beginning: it wants to change the way we relate to cars.

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