LG Electronics appoints new CEO: William Cho

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LG Electronics announces that the Chief Strategy Officer William Cho he will become the new CEO of the company from December 1, 2021. And it is not the only new addition to the LG team to prepare for the coming years.

LG Electronics appoints William Cho as new CEO

Graduated from Pusan ​​University and obtained his Masters in Economics from Yonsei University in Seoul, William Cho joins Goldstar in 1987. Spends four years at LG Germany, then makes an excellent career within the company. In fact, he first holds the role of president of LG Canada, LG Australia and LG USA. For six years he served as president of LG North America, during which time he was responsible for the LG Business Incubation Center. Since 2019 he is the company’s top strategist.

William Cho, CEO of LG

But Cho’s appointment isn’t the only one. Kim Byoung-hoon in fact, he becomes Chief Technology Officer. Currently heading the Future Technology Center, he now becomes Executive Vice President. He will also manage the Information and Communication Technology department. Jang Ik-hwan becomes Executive Vice President, after 31 years in the company. He will head the Business Solutions Company. Eun Seok-hyun will instead lead the Vehicle component Solutions Company as the third and new president.

The appointments also reflect the change in the company’s structure. LG will transform its Customer Satisfaction Management Center into the new Customer Value Innovation Office under the supervision of the CSO: Costumer Value Innovation Office. In addition, the Customer Experience Innovation Department within the Home Appliances and Home Entertainment divisions will become the Customer Experience Innovation Division.

The M&A department, headed by the Chief Strategy Office, will become a real division. LG’s Life Soft Research (LSR) department will be promoted to Life Soft Research Lab. Finally, LG will transform the AI ​​Big Data department into a division under the supervision of the new Chief Data Office (CDO).

All appointments will take effect on December 1, while promotions will take effect on January 1, 2022. To mark a new beginning for the company, which looks to the future.