LG: here are the new displays of the High Brightness series

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LG’s new High Brightness Series displays are perfect for bringing impactful displays to life in any outdoor space, from gas stations to Drive-Thru fast food outlets to museums and amusement parks.

Il digital signage has hired a fundamental role within cities with solutions designed for outdoor installations which offer more communication interactive and immersivegiving dynamism and impact to any space, with real digital sculptures.

To meet the needs of the sector and always be a source of inspiration for new trends, LG Business Solutions presents two novelties on the front of digital signage displays: models 22XE1J e XE4F-Mwhich are inserted inside the monitor line High Brightness for outdoor installations.

Versatile, equipped with software for smart content management and very high brightness, the new models of the LG High Brightness series are they adapt perfectly to the most heterogeneous contexts such as transport (stations, airports, public transport stops, etc.).

Spaces for entertainment (amusement parks, museums, art galleries, etc.) but also Drive Thru e billboard digitali. To ensure reliable operation in all weather conditions, both displays are equipped with the degree of protection IP56.

In fact, they are designed to be waterproof as well as resistant to eharmful effects of sun, rain, snow, dust and windessential features for outdoor installations.

LG: here are the new displays of the High Brightness series


Model LG XE1J-Bthanks to its technical characteristics, it is configured as a multifaceted product that is well suited to outdoor applications.

Perfect, for example, for service stationsthese displays, positioned on the petrol stationentertain customers in the few minutes of their stay by offering useful information such as prices and offers of any product or service.

Thanks to a brightness of 1.500nit ensure excellent visibility even in intense sunlight, while the intelligent brightness control offers automatic adjustment based on the lighting level.

The format from 21.5 inch gives it lightness and versatility making it suitable for various contexts ranging from public transport stops to the entrances of museums, showrooms and art galleries.

Flexible and practical this new model can be used with a wide range of operating temperatures (-30 ~ 50 ° C), which results in fewer constraints for outdoor installation and uptime 24/7.

Thanks to the platform webOS 4.1 and management software all-in-one SuperSign CMS it is possible to create, program and distribute content remotely and on multiple screens through a single server.

Con Wi-Fi, Bluetooth e Beacon incorporated, the new model allows the distribution of content even remotely as well as the possibility of proposing promotional activities in real time, such as distributing coupons or providing promotions on products.

LG: here are the new displays of the High Brightness series

Here are the monitors of the XE4F-M series

With the monitors of the series XE4F-Min versions from 55” e 49”, the contents will certainly not go unnoticed. This model like the previous one is perfect for use in gas stations, as thanks to the high brightness and image quality, it is able to attract theattention of potential customers and provide useful information on services and products, as well as giving a modern look that encourages potential customers to visit and refuel.

This solution is also perfect for i Fast Food Drive-Thru, as it allows customers an exceptional visibility of the display in any environmental condition and restaurateurs the ability to communicate any message in a unique and unforgettable way, whether it is a menu or a promotion made ad hoc for the customer.

Equipped with brightness from 4000nit this display allows you to view the contents even in intense and direct sunlight, while the technology QWP (Quarter Wave Plate) makes images visible even to polarized sunglasses wearers.

The wide range of viewing angles guaranteed by the panel IPS it will allow to obtain high image quality and sharp colors regardless of the point from which it is observed.

Also, equipped with panel M+ (RGBW) allows to achieve higher brightness values ​​than theRGB traditional by increasing the impact and visibility of the image with a reduction of consumption up to 35%.

LG: here are the new displays of the High Brightness series

Slim but sturdy design

Il slim but sturdy design makes these displays suitable even in cases of complex installations. The tempered front glass, in fact, is equipped with an unbreakable film that allows you to prevent serious damage even in the event of an impact.

XE4F-M series supports HDBaseTthe global standard for the transmission of video and audio ad very high definition, Ethernet, controls, USB and IR on one cable long distance, for better display management and a savings sui installation and maintenance costs. With Control Manager this display can be comfortably remotely monitored.

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