LG InstaView refrigerators: colors, music and revolution in the kitchen

LG Electronics introduces with great anticipation its new series of refrigerators, LG InstaView with MoodUP, which will be launched on the Italian market in conjunction with the Milan Design Week 2024 (16-21 April, Milan)

This innovative collection of refrigerators represents a turning point in the way of conceiving household appliances, presenting a completely new concept of personalization and style of domestic spaces. A distinctive element of this series is the presence of built-in speakers and light ports that can change colorthus adapting to the mood and atmosphere desired at any time of the day.

LG InstaView refrigerators: colors, music and revolution in the kitchenLG InstaView refrigerators: colors, music and revolution in the kitchen

Innovation meets style: discover the details of LG InstaView with MoodUP refrigerators

Available in Combined and Multidoor versionsi frigoriferi LG InstaView with MoodUP combine the excellence of LG technology with a extraordinary and one of a kind design. The customization of these refrigerators is made extremely simple thanks to theapp LG ThinQwhich allows users to set different colors for each panel of the refrigerator, allowing them to create an atmosphere that reflects their tastes and personality. The Combined version offers over 400 color combinationswhile the Multidoor version offers over 170,000.

As an alternative to manually customizing the colors, you can select one of the predefined themes, such as Season, Place, Mood e Pop, each of which offers a wide range of color combinations inspired by nature and well-being. A particularly creative option allows you to synchronize the colors of the panels with the music played by the integrated Bluetooth speaker, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, be it a relaxing breakfast alone or a cheerful lunch with friends.

In addition to his attractive designthe Serie LG InstaView with MoodUP offers numerous smart features that make the user experience more efficient and enjoyable. For example, InstaView technology allows you to view the inside of the refrigerator simply by knocking on the tinted glass panel, thus reducing the loss of cold air and helping to maintain the freshness of food. The light panels not only add an aesthetic touch, but can also send useful notifications, such asautomatic door lighting when the presence of a person is detected.

During the Milan Design Week, The LG InstaView with MoodUP series refrigerators will be presented at the LG stand and will be available for pre-order at leading consumer electronics retailers and on the LG Online Shop. Those who opt to pre-order will have the opportunity to receive a cashback of up to 1000 eurosmaking the purchase of these innovative refrigerators even more convenient and advantageous.

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