LG presents the new generation electric charging stations

LG stazioni di ricarica EV

LG Electronics is expanding its solutions for electric recharging, covering an increasingly strategic role in the segment of columns for i electric vehicles (EV). The new charging stations offer greater safety and higher performance, marking an important milestone for the company, which aims to become a full provider.

Charging stations for all needs

With the expansion of electric charging solutions, LG asserts its role in the rapidly growing market for EV charging stations. HieEV Charger, LG’s subsidiary specializing in the field, officially opened the production of innovative technologies to recharge electric vehicles. Acquired in 2022 by LG, GS Energy and GS Neotek, the company presented a portfolio of products to answer multiple needs in the world of electric cars.

The product range includes four different models, which adapt to different spaces and environments and require easy and immediate installation. Two 7kW stationsfor wall and floor mounting, e two fast charging 100kW and 200kW. These solutions adapt to various contexts, such as homes, offices and commercial structures.

The new columns boast advanced levels of security and resistance to water and dust, thanks to the functions of electrical and thermal protection while charging. The reduced depth makes it possible to optimize the available space, while at the same time obtaining high performance thanks to the two connectors. These columns can in fact charge two vehicles at the same timein a management facilitated by the functions of detection of the blockage of the connector and of the remote updates.

LG is already planning new launches in the electric charging business

With its technical expertise in the B2C and B2B sectors and its know-how, LG aims to provide differentiated solutions to always guarantee a valuable experience. The company boasts a respectable background both in production and in quality control, after-sales assistance and supply chain management. Qualities that create the necessary foundation for successful expansion in the electric charging sector. In fact, the company is already planning new product launches and collaborations around the world to grow the EV business and support its development.

According to strategy consultancy Roland Berger, the global market for EV charging solutions will reach i $186 billion by 2030. The expansion of the sector will be driven by several factors, from the increasingly rapid progress in the electrification of vehicles to the continuous regulatory evolutions for the energy transition.

The start of production of electric vehicle charging stations marks an important milestone for LG as we move towards the opportunity to become a complete provider of electric charging solutions. We will try our best to ensure on the one hand fast and simple EV charging solutions aimed at electric vehicle owners, and on the other hand diversified EV charging solutions and new services at the complete disposal of our partners.

Suh Heung-kyu, Vice President and Head of Electric Vehicle Charging Division of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company.

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