Auto usate, è in crescita l'utilizzo delle aste online B2B thumbnail

Used cars The use of B2B online auctions is growing

Used carsis increasingly in growth the use of aste online B2B. This is confirmed as the first choice of the Italians.

Dealer e resellers have an increasingly central role managing as much as 54% of total sales. Operators who for the purchase and sale of cars do not look only to private individuals but also to B2Busing services such as online auctions and addressing foreign markets.

Used cars, the search

According to the research of quintegy commissioned by AutoScout24. Indeed, the aste online B2B in our country they are used on a regular basis by 87% of dealers. And from 72% of resellers and the foreign channel, always in B2B.

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Used cars, the use of B2B online auctions is growing, press office sourceUsed cars, the use of B2B online auctions is growing, press office source

Today, it is worth 10% of purchases and 25% of sales.

And it is precisely to take advantage of the opportunities of B2B online auctions throughout Europe. That AutoScout24during the’Automotive Dealer Day. Officially launches the platform in Italy after a period of testing AUTOproff.

B2B online auction company, acquired in 2022 and present in many European countries. A service that gives operators the possibility to buy vehicles safely. There are more than 1,500 models up for auction at any time on the portal.

While, on the other hand, to sell to dealers and resellers throughout Europe.

Used cars, the main advantages of B2B auctions

AutoScout24thanks to AUTOproffthus becomes a protagonist not only as a digital retailer but also in B2B.

What are the main advantages of B2B online auctions?

In the purchase phase, certainly the variety of the offer, the cars already available and the expertise of the used cars already available, while in the sale, the speed of the rotation of the stock, the disposal of particular cars, the marginality of the resale compared to other B2B channels and the speed of resale times.

“AUTOproff fits perfectly into the development strategy of the AutoScout24 group – he says Gioia Manetti, SVP of AutoScout24, CEO of AutoScout24 and AUTOproff Italia– With the launch of the service in Italy we are creating an ecosystem for digital retail and B2B, offering operators a unique partner. Thanks to this ambitious project, dealers will be able to satisfy their purchase and sale needs by relying on the auction tool in the many European countries where AUTOproff operates. The results of Quintegia’s research show the growing importance of the B2B market and online auctions, and the more than 100,000 vehicles auctioned on AUTOproff represent our proposal to sector operators”.

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