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LG presents the new TONE Free earphones

LG’s new TONE Free earphones offer improved sound quality, up to 10 hours of battery life and ANC

The 2022 range of LG Electronics (or just LG, click here for more company details) of earphones true wireless TONE Free offers the best possible audio experience. They don’t just have the best advanced audio technologiesbut have a tighter design and a variety of earnings new features. Demonstrating LG’s continued commitment to user-centered innovation, the new TONE Free earbuds are the perfect everyday companions for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

LG presents the new TONE Free earphones

Details on LG’s new TONE Free earphones

The earphones TONE Free of this year’s flagship model (T90) offer impressive sound thanks to numerous upgrades. Among them we have a new internal structure with bigger drivers which helps generate deeper and more satisfying bass. The use of the graphene, a premium material that reduces vibration while enhancing audio quality, allows the T90s to produce incredibly dynamic, yet balanced and crisp sound. LG’s T90 earphones integrate the performance-enhancing capabilities of Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP). This is a specialized technology from LG’s longtime partner in delivering superior sound, Meridian Audio. With the HSP inside, the earbuds feature a fuller, more natural soundstage with a clear center image. Making you feel like you are listening to music played through a real stereo sound system. Additionally, Meridian’s Perfect Balance technology allows the T90 earphones to achieve uniform tonal balance at any volume.

Dolby Head Tracking supportato

Also, the earphones Dolby Atmos T90 TONE Free di LG are the first wireless earbuds in the world to support Dolby Head Tracking on all content and devices. Dolby Head Tracking recalibrates the sound as users move their heads for a more natural sound experience. Thus users will feel center stage and experience a whole new level of audio immersion. Whether they are listening to music, watching movies, enjoying your favorite streaming series or playing video games. Dolby Head Tracking along with Dolby Atmos content further enhances the listening experience, providing incredible detail, depth and clarity. The T90s are the first wireless earbuds to feature a audio virtualizer designed by Dolby. Created specifically for earphones, an advanced solution that expands spatial dimensionality for stereo entertainment.

LG presents the new TONE Free earphones

Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite

In addition, the T90s are equipped with Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite, meaning users can experience a level of sound quality previously only available with wired headphones. Along with 24-bit / 96kHz high-resolution audio, LG’s Snapdragon Sound earphones offer robust connectivity, crystal clear voice quality and low latency, making them perfect not only for listening to audio, but also for making voice calls and gaming .

Excellent active noise cancellation

In addition, the company’s premium wireless earbuds offer better active noise cancellation (ANC) with Double Step ANC algorithm and ANC real-time optimizer. The Double Step ANC algorithm uses a new filter with a higher sampling rate to eliminate external noise more effectively. And an advanced howl detection algorithm to eliminate unpleasant and annoying feedback. Meanwhile, the real-time ANC optimizer automatically adjusts the ANC performance. All this by analyzing the actual position of the buds inside the user’s ear via the internal microphones.

Design e comfort

The latest creation of LG TONE Free delivers comfort while improving performance for better sound and optimized noise cancellation. Created in collaboration with South Korea’s POSTECH Ergonomic Design Technology Lab. The comfort fit design of the earphones boasts a ergonomic precision and an optimized shape that feels better in the ear. Furthermore, the new models are both smaller and lighter than their predecessors. Which means users can wear TONE Free for longer periods with fewer distractions. The Performance Fit di TONE Free ensures the right positioning in the ears offering a more advanced sound experience.

Additional components

The new models TONE Free by LG are also supplied with the UVnano charging case, which uses ultraviolet light to keep the earbuds hygienically clean. New for 2022, LG’s UVnano technology offers wider coverage by sterilizing all parts of the ear gels. Also, the T90s adopt hypoallergenic ear gels medical grade to reduce the risk of skin irritation in the ear canal. Exceptional user convenience is another key benefit of the LG TONE Free earbuds, which now boast improved connectivity and wider compatibility. Plug & Wireless, a feature that allows the charging case to also act as a Bluetooth transmitter. Enhanced with a useful new voice chat feature, ideal for conference calls and chatting with friends while playing. With the cable from USB-C to AUX included, users can connect the case to a radio, treadmill, in-flight entertainment system, and a variety of other products. Enjoy wireless freedom and first-class sound quality.

Improved functionality

Courtesy of the unit Voice Pickupthe premium T90s also offer a improved voice call. The Voice Pickup unit detects and minimizes ambient noise when the user is speaking, making it easier for anyone on the other side to hear what they are saying. The new TONE Free models offer up to 9 hours of use on a single chargewhile the case itself can provide it other 20. For up to 29 hours of listening. And, with a new fast charging feature, the earbuds can be fully charged after around 1 hour in the UVnano charging case.

LG presents the new TONE Free earphones

LG’s new TONE Free fit line

Finally, 2022 sees the introduction of the LG’s new TONE Free fit line (TF7 and TF8 models) designed for an active lifestyle. This new line offers a secure and comfortable fit for active moments from running and mountain biking, to vigorous training sessions in the gym. Both models incorporate the technology SwivelGrip, which helps keep the earbuds firmly and comfortably in place, even during the most intense workouts. In addition, they offer a lightweight design that promotes better air circulation. Finally, the TONE Free fit models offer solid ANC performance, crisp spatial sound with Meridian HSP technology, and the hygienic benefits of LG’s medical-grade hypoallergenic ear gels and UVnano charging case.

Super resistance and ultra durability

Classified IP67, TF7 and TF8 are resistant to rain, splashes, sweat and dust to make it easier for you to run or workout without worry. The TONE Free fit models have a battery life of 10 hours (up to a total of 30 hours with the charging case). For more enjoyable workouts in the gym, the TF8 earphones can connect to older, Bluetooth-free treadmill displays using LG’s innovative Plug & Wireless solution.

LG presents the new TONE Free earphones


LG’s TONE Free 2022 true wireless earbuds will be launched in major markets worldwide starting from the end of August.

And you? What do you think of these new LG TONE Free earphones ? Let us know with a comment and stay tuned to for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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