Lavatrici LG, il motore Inverter Direct Drive raggiunge le 100 milioni di unità prodotte thumbnail

LG washing machines, the Direct Drive Inverter motor reaches 100 million units produced

LG Electronics announces that the production of his Inverter Direct Drive (DDTM) motor has exceeded 100 million units. This advanced technology underpins the outstanding performance of LG’s washing solutions and its worldwide popularity.

The LG technology of the Direct Drive Inverter motor

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From 1998 to the end of 2022, LG produced on average over 12,000 DD Inverter motors per day. The LG DD Inverter motor is anchored directly to the drum, an innovation that contributes to making LG washing machines more durable, thanks to the absence of a connecting belt, and to drastically reduce noise and energy consumption during operation.

Over the years, LG has perfected the DD Inverter motor by continuously improving the technology and its performance to bring ever greater value to people. The company has developed further 240 technological patents related to DD Inverter motors in Korea and internationally. In 2019, LG applied artificial intelligence (AI) to the DD Inverter motor to further improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

Used in premium washers and dryers, the AI ​​DD engine uses deep learning technology to detect the weight of each load and the type of fabrics being washed. Then select the optimal program and the best combination of drum movements from the 6 available for take good care of the clothes.


Last year, LG brought its advanced DD inverter motor to its own for the first time dryers. Like washing machines, LG dryers also offer 6 different drum movements (Tumble, Swing, Rolling, Stepping, Scrubbing and Filtration) to increase drying performance and minimize tissue damage. LG’s inverter motor technology, specifically AI DD, was the first home appliance technology to achieve Deep Learning AI Verification by global safety firm (UL) Underwriters Laboratories.

The word to Kim Yang-sun, head of the Component Solution Business Unit

“The number of DD Inverter motors produced demonstrates the excellence of our technology,” he said Kim Yang-sun, responsabile della Component Solution Business Unit di LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We will continue to develop highly efficient technologies that increase the performance and reliability of our products while reducing our impact on the environment.”

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