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Starlink: global roaming functionality costs $200 per month

Starlink launches global roaming feature for $200/month thumbnail

Starting today Starlink per camper (Starlink for RV) officially becomes Starlink Roam, a service that offers global roaming on a monthly basis. The feature is particularly useful for having an internet connection anywhere in the world, even the most remote ones, and is specifically designed for those who love to travel.


The Starlink Roam subscription is slightly more expensive than the standard one. Indeed it costs $200 a month, while the price of the regional counterpart is $150. However, this is a significant increase from the previous Starlink for RV, which was priced at $135 per month.

Starlink Roam: global roaming via satellite

It should be noted that $200 only includes a subscription to the roaming service. However this, in order to work, needs the relative device that must be purchased separately. And this is exactly where the costs rise. Starlink allows you to purchase the antenna on its website, where the cheapest (costing $599) allows you to have internet only if the vehicle is stationary in one place. To obtain global roaming with the vehicle in motion, it will be necessary to purchase a Flat High Performance terminal, which costs a whopping $2,500.

Despite the incredible figures proposed, Starlink does not guarantee the complete operation of the service. Elon Musk’s satellite network specifies that “you may experience brief periods of poor connectivity or none at all”. This is due to the fact that Starlink still cannot fully and effectively cover the entire globe.

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