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Overwatch World Cup 2023: everything you need to know

The qualifiers for theOverwatch World Cup 2023for what will be the fifth edition of the global competition, the first to take place since 2019. The qualifiers schedule features three meetings, each with two separate groups from six countries and regions.

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Starting from February it will be possible to send the applications of the candidates at this link Competition Committees, who will be responsible for organizing the additional team tryouts in March. Not only that, the Competition Committees will be called upon to finalize a squad of seven men and women in April. The Competition Committees will be composed of:

  • General manager: Responsible for team operations and communications with Blizzard
  • Coach: Responsible for managing tryouts, player selection, as well as all competitive aspects of the team
  • Social manager: Responsible for the team’s social media channels, content and social engagement initiatives

Qualifiers will take place over three weekends in February (February 10-12, February 17-19 and February 24-26).

Come partecipare all’Overwatch World Cup 2023

After the first qualifying phase, the teams will compete in June, with others from their group, to conquer one of 16 places for the LAN finals, scheduled for autumn 2023. China’s position is also clarified in the official blog:

“Considering the current circumstances in China, as well as the fact that there has always been a team from China that has played very well, including two runners-up in the last two Overwatch World Cups, a team from China will receive an invitation to the group stage. There will be no World Cup Trials in China and the team will not compete in the online qualifiers. Tryouts in China will be different from those in other countries and regions. We will provide more information directly to the players in China.”

Registration for the World Cup event will be open from 1 February 2023 via the new Overwatch World Cup website to be released on the same day. Whoever wins the World Cup Trial will secure a place in their country or region’s March Trial.

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