Life is Strange Remastered Collection: announced the postponement for the Switch version

With a post on their social channels, the development team announced the postponement of the Switch version of the awaited Life is Strange Remastered Collection

Long awaited, the release of the collection containing the first two remastered chapters of the beloved Life is Strange series is scheduled for February 1st. However, it seems Nintendo users will have to be patient for some time yet. According to the latest release released online by the development team, The version Switch from Life is Strange Remastered Collection suffered a referral of several months. Let’s find out the details of the postponement in the rest of theitem.

Expected a postponement of the Switch version for Life is Strange Remastered

The collection brings together in one only solution for the first time, i first two chapters of Life is Strange, that is Life is Strange e LiS Before the Storm. On the technical side, several improvements have been promised. Starting from the resolution of the models, up to the new ones facial animations produced with specific sessions of motioncapture. The series has always been very popular with the public because of the particular sensitivity in telling themes delicate and above all in staging i human relationships in the adolescent context. Of particular inspiration the music indie, folk and punk, which contribute to underline the disturbances emotional of the characters.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection: announced the postponement for the Switch version

In the latest update released in net, the development team, as well as confirm the arrival of the titles for the next February 1st, apologizes to his fans for the referral of the version Switch from the Life is Strange Remastered Collection. The release of the remastered for the aforementioned Nintendo console will in fact slip by a few months, although the release is specified in the press release by 2022. On the other hand, there is no change for all of them the other versions.

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