Life Is Strange True Colors: a video shows us 13 minutes of gameplay

A new video, posted on the Life Is Strange True Colors YouTube channel, shows us about 13 minutes of gameplay from Square Enix’s narrative game

Waiting for the release of Life Is Strange True Colors, which was set for the next one September 10, a new one has been published video about 13 minutes, where we can observe a passage of his gameplay. The game is part of the saga of narrative titles developed by Square Enix and, at the time of its release, it will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S; the version for Nintendo Switch, however, will be published at a later time.

Life Is Strange True Colors: here is the video dedicated to the gameplay

As mentioned, the new video dedicated to the gameplay of Life Is Strange True Colors lasts approximately 13 minutes. The first character we get to know inside is Alex, the protagonist of the title. We see her wandering around the record store in Haven Springs, the fictional Colorado town that serves as the stage for the story of the game. By letting the movie go on, we have the chance to meet other characters like Steph, the local radio DJ (star of the Wavelength DLC).

The video then shows us some game modes of the title. Let’s see for example the way in which the player will be put in a position to make choices that influence the narration of events. Another mode that is shown by the movie concerns the movement system, exploration of environments and interaction with people and objects. Like all the games in the Life Is Strange saga, in order to continue with the story we will be called to face a series of rather common tasks, linked to the protagonist’s everyday life.

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