Life is Strange: True Colors, un trailer dedicato a Haven Springs

The small town in Colorado, Haven Springs, stars as much in the new game from Dontnod Entertainment, as much as in this new trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors

Unveiled during Square Enix Presents in March, Life is Strange: True Colors is the new, third iteration of the Dontnod Entertainment series, after the resounding success of the first chapter and a sequel that, let’s face it, was not as appreciated. Alex, the protagonist, has also shown herself with all her skills during E3 2021, where Square Enix has decided to bring to light a new colorful trailer of the title. The game will come out next September 10, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Stadia, getting a full release, thus abandoning the chapter formula, on virtually any existing platform. Everything will also be accompanied by the remastered version of the first Life is Strange, including the spin-off Before the Storm, arriving it is not yet known when on the same platforms as True Colors.

A new trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors was also recently shown, which, however, did not focus on the protagonist, but on the town. Haven Springs is a small town, located in Colorado, and which will be the backdrop to the eccentric cast of characters designed by Dontnod Entertainment. We leave you the colorful trailer right below!

Life is Strange: True Colors, Steph reveals some details about Heaven Springs in the new trailer

In the video the narrator is Steph, a possible romantic interest of Alex, as well as a resident of the town. The girl also talks to us about different events taking place in Haven Springs, like it Sping Festival and a kind of role-playing game that unfolds throughout the city. Both will likely create particular twists in the storyline of Life is Strange: True Colors.

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