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Lilo & Stitch: the first images from the live-action

Lilo & Stitch will have a live-action adaptation with production still ongoing in Hawaii, let’s discover together the first images from the set

Lilo & Stitch is the famous Disney cartoon set in Hawaii, much loved by the public for having taken us to other atmospheres and with fresh and extravagant protagonists. This famous animated film will also have its live-action and will be directed by Dean Fleischer Camp. From the latest news, this film is only meant for streaming platforms, then it will come directly to Disney Plus for all its subscribers.



Lilo & Stitch: the first images from the live-action

The official images posted on Twitter even show comparisons between the cartoon and the new adaptation, which will surely please fans of the original cartoon. Other images show the set still filming in Hawaii.

Very interesting this preview that we can see live from the set and that intrigues us also because the director Dean Fleischer Camp comes from a great success, namely the animated film Marcel the Shell Witch Shoes On. Also in this new adaptation there will be a technique that mixes live acting with the use of digital, probably for Stitch and will have a production budget of around 60 million dollars, which for Disney is considered average.

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