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We met the title that we are going to discover in a specific way in this appointment of “The indie to discover” a short time ago. To be precise, within our number of indie video games of April 2022. Already at the time he had conquered us, and that’s why we went back to talking about Imp Of The Sun dedicating a piece of his own. The new work of the team Sunflow Entertainment e pubblicato da Fireshin Games has been able to win our hearts since its official release on March 24th. Let’s rediscover together why this title deserves your attention and why it is truly an “indie to discover”.

Imp Of The Sun, all the folklore at your fingertips

Imp Of The Sun is undoubtedly one of the most engaging titles among the recent releases. It is a side scrolling adventure platformer which proposes the full recovery of the folklore Peruvian. A trait in which we sometimes run into indie titles and that makes the whole story even more enjoyable. The title in question introduces us to Nin, an elf created by the last spark of the Sun, who has the task of defeating the Four Guardians and regaining the power of the Sun. He must put an end to the Eternal Eclipse before the world plunges into darkness, an imminent danger that humanity is running …

We are facing a gameplay that offers us an exciting adventure, full of action thanks to several tricks. These include primarily the ability to use the power of the solar flame and the ability to perfect our skills. The performances of our hero are made more engaging also thanks to a well-performing game engine, which allows you to obtain fluid movements and live combats based on combo attacks. Finally, there is also the enhancement of our protagonist, among new increasingly important and full-bodied skills to become more powerful at the time of the Empire of the Sun to defeat the Four Guardians.

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A title suitable for lovers of completism

As we have seen, Imp Of the Sun certainly does not lack variety of actions contemplate, between exploration, fights and upgrades possible thanks to the collection of upgrades. In fact, the protagonist becomes stronger and stronger, immersing himself deeper and deeper into the Andean settings in search of the lost fragments of the sun. Not even a few gems are missing lovers of completism, represented here by the artifacts, the Quipus, able to gradually tell the story behind the Eternal Eclipse. There is also no shortage of hidden objects to find, inspired by real relics of Andean cultures, which give us even more the feeling of immersion in this distant culture.

Why play Imp Of The Sun

In conclusion, Imp Of the Sun presents us not only a well thought out game of its kind, but also from highly respected playful and artistic sector. It totally immerses us in an atmosphere that deserves to be experienced and tested on our skin, as well as bringing to light a background culturale well designed. These aspects allow us to experience an indie title that is still worth playing, especially given its recent final release. A small, big pearl that deserves to be remembered in the independent universe.