Living room ideas for video game fans

The right environment can make long solitary gaming sessions more comfortable. Let’s find out how

We know well that, when you immerse yourself in a video game, everything around us seems to disappear and sometimes it would take cannon fire to awaken us from the enchantment. This does not mean, however, that having a room tailored to the comfort of video game enthusiasts would not improve the experience further.

The right environment can make long solitary gaming sessions more comfortable, and gatherings to challenge friends and family to their favorite video games more enjoyable. So let’s find out what cannot be missing in the living room of a videogame enthusiast.

Screens for TV and computers

Let’s start with the most obvious things: to fully enjoy the gaming experience you need a good quality screen and, let’s face it, in this case the size does matter. A larger screen allows you to get more information during gaming sessions, and zoom in on details if necessary. It is also ideal if you play with a lot of people, and to allow you to sit at a good distance that does not tire your eyes.

Depending on the type of games you prefer, having two additional screens on the sides can be of great help. This is especially true for first person shooters, and for any game that includes vehicle driving.

Armchairs and sofas to play with friends

What could be better than having a party with a group of nerdy friends and playing until dawn between snacks and memorable challenges? Sure, you could make do with folding chairs or chairs brought from the kitchen, but nothing beats a sofa to sit on all together in front of the screen.

You can find good bargains on thrift shop websites, or keep an eye on Poltronesofà prices to take advantage of periodic discounts and seasonal change offers. But be careful: with a comfortable and spacious sofa, getting rid of friends at the end of the evening could be more difficult than you imagine.

Ergonomic chair

When playing in front of the computer it is important to use an ergonomic chair, perhaps designed specifically for gamers. The backrest must be adjustable, and allow movement while supporting the back. It is also important that the chair has armrests to avoid over-straining the arms. You can get inspired to find the model that best suits your needs by taking a look at what the most important and well-known gamers of the moment are using.

Good lighting

When you think of the classic room dedicated to video games, a dark environment immediately comes to mind, perhaps illuminated by neon lights or colored and soft lamps. However, lighting is essential to avoid excessive strain on the eyes, with serious consequences for vision in the long term. No more room immersed in darkness, illuminated only by the weak light of the screen: yes to natural light if possible, or to lamps positioned in a strategic way to avoid annoying reflections.

Boxes, bookcases and containers for tidying up

In order not to end up with joysticks, cables and games scattered throughout the room, drawers, shelves and containers are needed to tidy up after gaming sessions. In particular, a bookcase dedicated to console games, DVDs and books is not only useful, but also often gives a more pleasant aspect to the room.

Then we need a box or a drawer to be dedicated to joysticks and controllers, which we can store when we are not using them to avoid losing them or leaving them around and risking damaging them. Finally, you can think of a solution to keep the cables in order: there are some practices already on sale, but it is also possible to focus on the do-it-yourself and tidy up with clips or hair ties.

These are of course just a few ideas for every player’s dream room – not everyone can afford all this luxury. The most important things not to be underestimated are a chair that allows good posture, and the right lighting to protect the eyesight. Let’s also remember to get up from the chair from time to time!