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LOL 3: the third season has ended on Prime Video

It ended on Amazon Prime Video LOL 3 with the last two episodes that are available on the platform and which unfortunately confirmed that this season did not work

Lol 3 concluded with the third season on Prime Video with the last two episodes having been uploaded to the platform. A conclusion that confirmed what we have already noticed in our review of the first episodes: a slow-paced season that made you smile, but not laugh.

Now in its third season, LOL always proves to be a winning formula, which in any case entertains, and is overall a product that brings good humor very lightly. But it is mainly focused on comedy and if this appears weak, it cannot work, indeed it is sometimes annoying. Although this drop may suggest that LOL as a format has now reached the end of its success, in reality what didn’t work this season was the casting.

LOL 3: the third season has ended on Prime Video

A wrong and poorly amalgamated cast, with many comedians and young names from the web, but few comedians in the classic sense of the term. Overall, they all appeared unwilling to collaborate with each other, creating a few choral curtains in which everyone followed their own path and style in a very self-referential way. Also the excellent Nino Frassica, the only one perhaps together with Fabio Balsamo and Herbert Ballerina able to elicit a few smileswas indeed overwhelming, but like a train that followed the only track of his style and his repertoire.

These elements therefore make us think that LOL can still have a successful fourth season, if it pays more attention to the cast, as it was done in the first and second seasons even with the choice of making some major investments, to grab the most important names. Another change could also concern management: Frank Matano is likeable, but he seemed out of place and forced especially in the face of such a slow pace of the program.

And you, what do you think of this third season? Let us know if it made you laugh and stay with us at to find out all the news on the world of cinema and TV series.

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