Lost Judgment: reveal the Deluxe and Ultimate editions

The sequel to the famous spin-off of the Yakuza series is coming, and for the occasion, the Deluxe and the Ultimate edition of Lost Judgment have been revealed. Let’s see what they will contain!

New information continues to arrive regarding Lost Judgment, the sequel to the famous spin-off of the Yakuza series that has been in high demand from the fanbase for a long time. The official announcement dates back to two months ago (which occurred following a leak), in which the release date was also revealed. Therefore, waiting for the arrival of the next September 24, we have received new information regarding the title today. In particular, we could see that, along with the standard edition of Lost Judgment, also the Deluxe e la Ultimate edition. Let’s see below what will be the benefits that these two editions will bring.

Lost Judgment: Deluxe e Ultimate edition, i contenuti extra

In addition to the standard edition (which will likely be sold for € 59.99) there will in fact be these editions, with a higher cost but with various additional contents to improve the player’s experience. Speaking of the Deluxe edition, it will probably cost € 69.99, and in addition to the base game, it will contain various extra packages. The first is the Detective Essentials Pack, which contains various luxury and detective items. The second is instead School Stories Essential Pack, which adds additional items for each school club activity.

Moving on to the Ultimate edition, in this case the bonuses are of a slightly different nature. In addition to all the contents of the Deluxe edition, the Ultimate, which will probably cost € 89.99, will include it Story Expansion Pack, containing additional story elements. Also, if you pre-order either of these two versions, in addition to adding additional extra items as a pre-order bonus, you will have the option, such as bonus preorder, to play the title starting September 21, three days before the official launch.

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