Lost Soul Aside will be a cross-gen title and will also arrive on PS5

UltiZero Games has confirmed, in the past few hours, that the long-awaited action-jrpg Lost Soul Aside, whose development has remained much behind the scenes, will arrive as a cross-gen title also on PS5

A title that is rarely talked about, but which had caused quite a stir at its announcement, is Lost Soul Aside by UltiZero Games. The game, whose release was scheduled for 2020, but which has since been lost again, is a Sony-exclusive Chinese indie project strongly inspired by the atmosphere and design of the Final Fantasy series, while below the gameplay front resuming the frenzy and the style that permeates Devil May Cry. You will understand well, from these premises, why actually Lost Soul Aside is of interest to a large audience and why many are still waiting for information of any kind from the developers.

Something has moved in the past few hours, although perhaps not in the sense we all hoped for. In the past few hours, in fact, through a tweet on the official profile of the game, the developers have stated that, despite the previous PlayStation 4 exclusivity, Lost Soul Aside will also arrive on PlayStation 5 as a cross-gen title. We leave you the tweet below.

Lost Soul Aside also on PS5, but now we want to know more!

Unfortunately, however, there is still no news on a release date, or at least a window. Lost Soul Aside still remains there, in the shadows, but at least we know that when it comes out it will have a native current-gen version, and not to play in backward compatibility on the new Sony hardware. We look forward to further information.

In short, Lost Soul Aside will arrive sooner or later on both PS4 and PS5 and we are really curious to be able to get our hands on it. What do you think of it? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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