Crossover Universo Nerd celebrates episode 100

Crossover Universo Nerd celebrates the hundredth episode which will be broadcast on TV on Sunday 9 May, replicated on 10, and online on Facebook on Monday 10 May.

Sunday 9 May at h24 will be broadcast on 7Gold the hundredth episode of Crossover Universo Nerd, the entertainment program on the nerdy world that hosts influencers and nerdy journalists every week who meet in the most geeky living room in the entertainment world to exchange news and discuss with each other and with the community on current topics that affect all passions of pop culture.

Episode 100 will be rerun on 7Gold on Monday at 24 hours, and again on Monday at 21 it will be available to all fans on the show’s Facebook page.

Crossover Universe Nerd: the history of the program

Owned by the Mad House Factory e produced in collaboration with Visionfilm, Crossover Universo Nerd is a program by director and producer Max Pozzi and producers Simone Mannu and Eleonora Morolli. Born in 2018 and now in its third season, the show boasts among its speakers important influencers and well-known faces of pop culture such as the soubrette Micol Ronchi, the cosplayer and presenter Davide “Dave Show” Pittari, the progamer and streamer Nicolo “Insa” Mirra , the streamer and ex-progamer Jessica “MissHatred” Armanetti, the journalist Raffaele “Raffo” Sogni, the journalist and founder of and Daniele Daccó aka Il Rinoceronte, the writer, journalist and founder of together with Daccò Alessandra “Furibionda” Zanetti, the collector who lends his great experience to the show Andrea Battaglia, showman actor, imitator and comedian Edoardo Mecca and streamer Giada Cristina Bessi.

In its first 100 episodes, Crossover Universo Nerd hosted big names and national signatures, such as voice actors from the world of cinema and anime Ivo De Palma, Gianluca Iacono and David Chevalier, or from that of videogames, such as Jacopo Calatroni and Federico Viola. Cartoonists like the Bonelliano Mariano De Biase or the diaboliko Mario Gomboli, but also new authors like Veronica “Veronicartoon” Ciancarini. From the world of entertainment and information, on the other hand, Andrea Rock of Virgin Radio, the sports journalist Domenico Manfredi and the TikToker Pietro Morello.

Each week, this group of influencers entertain over 300,000 (300,000) unique viewers in two television shows and each episode on social networks it collects more than 120 thousand views. Furthermore, during its three seasons, the program can boast among its sponsors some of the main top brands of the Italian geek scene, such as MSI, sponsor of the show since the first season, Asmodee Italia and GameStop.

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