Luigi’s Mansion: twenty years of ghosts and scares

2021 is the twentieth anniversary of the release in the Land of the Rising Sun of Luigi’s Mansion, a title for Nintendo GameCube, which saw as the absolute protagonist Mario’s brother in search of him after a mysterious kidnapping.

That’s right, you read that right, the dark adventures seen on Luigi’s Mansion are twenty years old among ghosts, haunted houses and, above all, very special vacuum cleaners. But let’s go ahead with some order!

Luigi’s Mansion: the (dark) story in a nutshell

Presented for the first time at Nintendo Space World del 2000 as a technical demo, Luigi’s Mansion is officially put on sale on the shelves of Japanese stores on September 14, 2001 mentre, a November of the same year, the title also lands in the points of sale of North America. As for theEurope, instead, we will have to wait for the May next year.

After the rather disappointing educational video game Mario Is Missing! of the early nineties, it will therefore be up to the brother in green of the famous plumber to save goat and cabbage again. Except, in this case, the good Mario he was kidnapped by King Boo and his ectoplasmic henchmen thanks to a “cunning” ploy.

Luigi's Mansion: twenty years of ghosts and scares

To help our hero to save him, throughout the adventure set in the many rooms of a gloomy abode, the Professor Strambic and his invention to capture ghosts (namely the Poltergust 3000). A nice inventor who is also mentioned in the holidaymaker Super Mario Sunshine as the creator of the fantastic Slpac 3000.

Today the series has been enriched with two more chapters, which are finished both on Nintendo 3DS than on the Nintendo Switch, and boasts the production of Hideki Konno in person. The mastermind behind historical titles like Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and so on.

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