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Luxshare supplier prepares to build the ‘Apple Car’

Apple’s supplier, Luxshare Precision Industryis going to invest approx two billion dollars for the construction of production lines for Apple Watch but also for electric carslike the much chat Apple Car. The company has built more and more iPhones in recent years. But now it’s aiming for the next big Apple project.

Luxshare invests to build Apple Watch and Apple Car

Reuters reports that Luxshare wants to sell up to 2,1 million shares to 35 investors, to finance the construction of the new lines with 13.5 billion yuan (about 1.8 billion euros). The company wants to increase its capacity to supply “consumer electronics and smart vehicles”. In fact, among the six projects listed in the plan we find wearable devices, smartphone components and high voltage systems for electric vehiclesi.

In the last few years, Luxshare he built the AirPods Apple and recently won more and more orders for iPhone. For this he is building a ‘mega-factory’ to compete with rivals such as Foxconn and Pegatron. But it looks like it is now aiming for the next big Apple project.

apple car design

In recent months, irs have been multiplyingeport of Apple contacts with suppliers for the construction of an electric car, most likely self-driving. A complex system, which will require several suppliers to carry out the entire project. Luxshare wants to offer itself as a supplier of the electrical components inside the vehicle, without aiming to become a car manufacturer out of the blue.

Luxshare wants to get in line for the assembly of the electronic part of this vehicle, or at least become central in the supply chain della futura Apple Car. A further sign that Apple is preparing to produce its own vehicle, which could disrupt the automotive market.

But we are still in the very early stages. We will keep you informed.

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