Lynk & Co, the new subscription service for the car arrives

Lynk & Co, il nuovo servizio in abbonamento per l'auto thumbnail

Lynk & Co is a company that operates in the urban mobility sector and is about to land in Italy. Our country has already shown itself extremely interested in Lynk & Co’s proposal, which will make it possible to use the service by paying a subscription.

The car market is going through a very particular period, due to the change of role that cars are experiencing. If before they were perceived as an asset to be purchased and used privately, they are changing their image.

Car sharing is now the norm in large urban centers, in metropolises such as Milan, Rome and many others. The reasons are varied: car sharing is cheaper, cheaper and far more environmentally sustainable. The car is becoming less and less an asset to own, and more and more one to share.

In this scenario, however, there are also other possibilities, such as i long-term rentals. These offer however usually impose constraints and a series of clauses, while the newcomer Link & Co wants to make this process as simple as a subscription to Netflix, which can be canceled at any time.

Lynk & Co offers customers the option of paying a convenient monthly subscription, and of drive high-performance cars, equipped with all the necessary technological accessories and capable of not having a negative impact on the environment.

Paying 500 euros per month, you get the exclusive use of the car, with the possibility of terminating the contract when you want. The proposal is much more flexible than the classic leasing or long-term rental agreement.

As for the cars, two variants of the 01 will be available. It will be the first to land on the European market, and it will be possible to choose between theibrida Plug-in (PHEV) and that hybrid electric (HEV). If you want to buy one of the two cars, you can do it for the sum of 35 thousand euros for the hybrid e 41 thousand euros for the plug-in hybrid.