MapleStory is updated with Neo: Light’s Wrath, a boss and a questline among the news

MapleStory si aggiorna con Neo: Light's Wrath, un boss e una questline tra le novità thumbnail

MapleStory updates with the new contents of Neo: Light’s Wrath. It represents the second part of the massive summer additions to the much-loved one free-to-play MMORPG. The game is developed by Nexon, who has introduced a new boss and an entire questline with this update.

What’s new in Neo: Light’s Wrath, the MapleStory update

The desert area ofHotel Arcus will be open to players who have reached at least level 270 and completed the fifth assignment along the quest “Cernium Defensive Tactics”. Following the clues of the ancient gods, the mysteries of the Hotel Arcus will be revealed.

Completing the quest missions will reward players with the Sacred Symbol: Arcus, and you can then carry out daily quests for Archelon In the Hall of the Hotel Arcus. There will also be a new boss, which will require great effort from users to be defeated.

It is about Boom, who after the end of the battle at Cernium, incarnated as a goddess. To challenge it, players must have reached at least level 265 and completed the fifth assignment along the “Cernium Defensive Tactics” quest.

Defeating Boom, players will be able to earn valuable items such as “Mitra’s Nodestonand and “Mitra’s Rage Emblem”. The Neo: Light’s Wrath update continues the events of Neo Castle, Tera Burning and Burning Worlds Events.

Il Neo Castle Events

Neo Castle Event is an area shrouded in mystery where you can earn NEO currency with the following available shop features and functionality:

  • Neo Stone Shop: Players will be able to exchange Neo Stones for various tools, which can be used to enchant their equipment and accelerate character growth.
  • Neo Gem Shop: Neo Gems can be earned by playing one of the various mini-games, and used for special cosmetic items.
  • Neo Core Shop: Neo Cores can be collected by defeating bosses, and are useful for buying enchanted items.
  • Neo Meat Shop: is full of useful tools and cosmetics, all available for purchase through Neo Meso