Mac Studio, Apple’s fastest computer features

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Tuesday Appleduring his famous spring event, he announced his brand new computer Mac Studioaimed at professional users who want the maximum performance. The Mac Studio is powered by the processor, of your choice, M1 Max or the brand new M1 Ultraa large amount of RAM and all the ports a professional might need: let’s see all its features in detail.

The new Mac Studio from Apple is a concentrate of performance: here are its characteristics

Photo credits: Apple.

Mac Studio represents a new category of Mac desktop that sits between Mac mini and Mac Pro. Features a design based on the Mac mini, but with a taller body to support more powerful hardware and a better cooling system. The processor of the base model is theM1 Max, the same as found in the high-end 2021 MacBook Pro. This chip has a 10-core CPU, one GPU up to 32 cores, 32GB or 64GB of RAM and from a minimum of 512GB of internal storage with SSD up to a maximum of 8TB.

The most expensive option, dedicated to those who are really looking for maximum performance in the professional sector of video, audio and other editing, is powered by the brand new and powerful chip M1 Ultra. Third declination of the original chip presented in 2020, it is a concentration of performance and core, with one CPU up to 20 cores and a GPU up to 64 cores. RAM can go up to 128GB and storage memory up to 8TB of SSD. This chip supports up to 18 streams of 8K ProRes video, up to 5 monitors, H.264, HEVC and ProRes encoding and decoding, and up to 22 trillion operations per second. A number even difficult to imagine.

From a design point of view, the Mac Studio is very similar to the Mac mini, but obviously higher to allow excellent cooling and the insertion of all components. In the back of the beveled cube we find 4 ports Thunderbolt 4a porta 10Gb Ethernet, 2 USB-A, an HDMI port and a pro audio jack for headphones. On the front, however, we find two USB-C or Thunderbolt 4 ports (depending on the chip chosen) and one slot SDXC for memory cards.

Features Apple Mac StudioPhoto credits: Apple.

CPU performance is impressive: the Mac Studio with M1 Max chip is 2.7 times faster than the 27 ”iMac equipped with Intel Core i9while the one equipped with the M1 Ultra chip is 5.3 times faster. Both Mac Studios are faster than the majestic 16-core Intel Xeon Mac Pro, the popular aluminum desktop PC that made history due to its unpopular price tag. The same goes for the GPU performance: Mac Studio with M1 Max chip and M1 Ultra chip far outperform Mac Pro with Radeon Pro W5700X GPU. The Mac Studio with the M1 Max chip is more than twice as powerful, while the one with the M1 Ultra is more than 3 times more powerful.

Compared to Mac mini M1 change the processor, the first stops at only 8 CPU and GPU cores, a maximum of 16GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. Obviously the Mac Studio is more performing, dedicated to the professional sector.

Price and availability

The new Mac Studio is available starting from 2349 euros for the base model with the M1 Max chip, up to a maximum of 9249 euros for the model with M1 Ultra chip and maximum features. The price, on paper, might seem very high but it must be remembered that this device is dedicated to the world of professionals, who are looking for performance well above the average. The device can be pre-ordered from now and will be delivered starting from March 18th.

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